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AimBrain is the industry’s only provider of a multi-module – Behavioural, Facial, Voice, Anomaly Detection and Lip Sync – biometric authentication solution all in single platform.  We make it easy for organisations to design step-up  and step-down authentication sequences, across any device, for a better user experience.

Simply Smarter Authentication.

How It Works


How your users interact with you online, on any device to increase authentication accuracy and improve user experience.


Your users and determine if the person logging on really is who they say they are or if you have just identified an impostor.


Your customers and institution by making activity-appropriate security decisions.


Future fraud attempts and enhance security and authentication protocols with intelligence acquired from module and session score reports and dashboards.

We're growing. Join us.

As the future of biometrics, AimBrain is rapidly growing and are looking for the best and brightest in machine learning. With highly technical founding leaders from Toshiba, Google, ARM, European Space Agency and CERN, we are looking for engineers and doctorates to deliver the future of
password-less authentication.

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