Determined and one-track minded.

Our single aim is helping organisations to be sure that their users are who they say they are.

Making biometric authentication smart, simple & accessible.

From individual application developers to the biggest names in financial services, we build the technology that helps them to detect and prevent fraud. And our approach is single-minded too; we want to make it simple for everyone to benefit.

Simple for you to integrate, trial, deploy and quickly quantify the benefits to your business, and simple for your customers and employees to do whatever they do and however they do it, securely and easily. We’ve even made it simple for small businesses and developers to safeguard their businesses and apps with biometrics, with our free-for-life integration platform AimBrain On Demand.

Simple for everyone. Except fraudsters. No, we make life exceptionally difficult for fraudsters.

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From the research to the vision, the infrastructure to the implementation, we have handpicked the talent that continues to challenge fraud, develop new world solutions and simplify the journey.

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We continue adding to our suite of authentication modules, to keep you protected in the face of increased fraud. One platform, multiple modalities; cross-channel and omni-device, built for today’s consumers.


Underpinning all of our authentication modules is our Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) platform; cloud-based for quick deployment and rapid and cost-effective scalability.


AimFace facial authentication lets you swap passwords and PINs for selfies, and secures the onboarding stage with document scanning and image matching. Deploy across any device or channel with a camera with a single enrolment.


AimVoice voice authentication lets you say a firm farewell to fraud by swapping passwords and PINs for voice verification. Deploy across any channel with a microphone after a single enrolment.


Combining facial authentication with audio matching and lip movement, AimFace//LipSync is our first-to-market module that is unbeatable by any spoof technology available today.

AimAnomaly Detection

AimAnomaly Detection recognises fraudulent activity before it happens. Minimise losses as early as the onboarding stage using generic industry or your own annotated fraud data.


AimBehaviour watches users invisibly to provide continuous risk-based assessments that the user is who they say they are, flagging anomalies in behaviours to help you trigger additional steps.

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