We’re smart. Really smart.

What happens when a lot of really brainy engineers – world-class machine-learning experts, PhDs – band together to do something that’s never been done? AimBrain is what happens.

Our technology is smarter than any other biometric in the industry.  Our customers get smarter than their competitors by using our platform – smarter to fraud, smarter to delivering authentication experiences, smarter to becoming more profitable. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, brainier is better.

  • Andrius Sutas

    CEO and Co-founder

    Andrius Sutas

    CEO and Co-founder

    Andrius Sutas is the CEO and co-founder of AimBrain. Andrius’ vision to ‘simplify complexity’ has helped guide the evolution of AimBrain utilizing machine learning to achieve intelligent, automated step-up authentication.

    Andrius graduated from the University of Edinburgh with honors. In the course of his academic career Andrius served as a research assistant, and completed internships at the European Space Agency and ARM.

    Notable professional accomplishments include serving as a Cohort Member at startup incubator Entrepreneur First, and representing AimBrain at Cyber London.

  • Alesis Novik

    CTO and Co-founder

    Alesis Novik

    CTO and Co-founder

    Alesis Novik is the CTO and co-founder of AimBrain. With the vision to provide the market with a smart and transparent biometric experience, Alesis has helped to guide AimBrain to its unique position as the world's only multi-module, biometric security solution.

    Alesis holds degrees from Vilnius University and the University of Edinburgh. During the course of his academic career, Alesis participated in Google’s Summer of Code Program. More recently, Alesis has spent time at CERN and at Level E Capital. Additionally, Alesis has completed three years of PhD work.

  • Stathis Vafeias, PhD

    Head of Machine Learning

    Stathis Vafeias, PhD

    Head of Machine Learning

    Stathis holds a degree in Production Engineering from the Technical University of Crete, and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the School of Informatics, Edinburgh University. He received his PhD in Robotics from Edinburgh University under the guidance of S. Ramamoorthy.

    Currently he leads the design and implementation of machine learning systems at AimBrain. The project involves multiple modules such as behavioural data from mobile devices, face verification from images, and speaker identification in noisy environments. The focus of the team is to deliver state of the art models and results at scale.

    Before joining AimBrain, he was a research engineer at Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems.

  • Elia Videtta

    Senior Infrastructure Architect

    Elia Videtta

    Senior Infrastructure Architect

    Elia Videtta is a technology enthusiast with a passion for building and maintaining high-performance and mission-critical software systems. Elia graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Warwick in 2012. He served as an intern at ARM and IBM, and was accepted at the technology start-up accelerator Entrepreneur First. Elia co-founded Adbrain, where he developed the first version of the web platform, and built and maintained the infrastructure for supporting multiple big data workloads.

    Elia joins Aimbrain with the mission of building a robust, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure, and providing DevOps and technical leadership.

  • Jarosław Dziuk

    Lead Software Engineer

    Jarosław Dziuk

    Lead Software Engineer

    Jarosław Dziuk is a software engineer at AimBrain focusing on development of scalable and secure backend systems.

    Jarosław studied MSc in software engineering at Jagiellonian University in Cracow, and at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. He received his BSc from Jan Dlugosz University in Częstochowa, Poland.

    A true start-up aficionado, Jarosław has built his career at several start-ups and IT consulting around the globe from Poland to Silicon Valley to London. His professional focus has centered primarily upon developing scalable distributed systems.

Because we've created a simply smarter authentication experience.

AimBrain, the new generation in biometrics solutions, helps institutions easily, securely, and accurately authenticate their customers. Using a patent-pending, context-based step-up authentication methodology, AimBrain is helping some of the world’s largest financial institutions confirm whether their users really are who they say they are.

AimBrain’s advanced biometrics technology not only helps clients stay ahead of fraud but also enables them to deliver a convenient and frictionless authentication experience to their customers.

Supported by Episode1, a leading UK venture capitalist, AimBrain is largely recognised for their potential to revolutionise the world of money and has been named as a 2016 FinTech50 finalist.

Our Mission: To simplify things that are complex.

‘Simple and easy.’ Those two terms don’t typically go together. But they do now. That’s because making complex things simple is AimBrain’s purpose. It’s our founding philosophy. It’s our mission.

We believe that it’s our job to make your job simpler and to make your customer’s experience easier. We believe that your fraud prevention should be simple to implement. That it should be simple to use. We believe that your users should never have to remember a password – it should be easy for your customers to do business with you, securely. That’s the purpose of our multi-module biometrics platform.

Our proprietary platform provides the world’s only step-up authentication experience that intelligently delivers the appropriate level of protection for each unique situation. That makes fraud prevention simple. It assures the best possible balance between security and convenience. And it makes your job very simple.

From our perspective, of course, providing all that simplicity is anything but simple. That’s why no other biometric solution on the planet offers a single-platform, multi-module approach to authentication. No one has done what we have. We are a unique collection of world-class machine scientists and engineers that thrive on the challenge of making the complex simple. The more complex the challenge, the happier we are.

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