Detect behaviour changes and stop account takeover fraud.

Protect against stolen logins, credential stuffing and trojan malware, invisibly and continuously.

Secret question? Think again.

With breached records expected to rise to 146bn by 2023, it’s never been easier for criminals to find and exploit stolen credentials. Meanwhile, millions of consumers every month are downloading trojan malware masquerading as harmless lifestyle apps from legitimate stores. 

Credential stuffing has become real threat, as stolen credentials are fed into malicious botnets that target website login pages with a success rate of around 12%. Once in, hackers can cause catastrophic damage to customers through identity theft, financial draw-downs or fraudulent transactions. In fact, Juniper assessed a compromised account to be 17 times more valuable than a stolen credit card number.

And with account takeover fraud tripling from 2017 to 2018, relying on the device or credentials as assurance of a user’s authenticity is woefully insufficient.

Detect account takeover fraud using behavioural biometrics.

Authenticate the user, not the login credentials.

AimBehaviour tracks a user’s behaviour from login to logout, to continually compare them to the template of their known behaviour. Using deep learning that analyses thousands of human-machine interaction data points, across any device and across both web and mobile applications, you can benefit from the continual assurance that the user is who they say they are.

Our patented approach clusters behaviours together too, allowing for a richer portrait of a user and a reduced false reject rate, however and whenever they interact with a device.

Add the SDK to your web or mobile app, to monitor users across multiple devices.

Monitor user behaviour invisibly and continuously from login to logout to spot for changes.


Use real-time risk scores to flag changes in user behaviour that could signify a breach.

Step up to active authentication if behaviour is unexpected, step down when in a trusted state.

AimBrain combines anomaly detection and behavioural authentication to protect against account takeover through malware or stolen credentials. Put us to the test on your POC today.

Better protection against account takeover fraud starts here.


Green-light users that fall within risk thresholds, whilst protecting against breached credentials and trojan malware that compromises authenticated sessions.


Apply a risk-based approach to fraud protection to maintain a friction-free session for genuine users that only steps up when behavioural changes dictate.


Feed the score into your risk engine or IAM platform and apply a stop, investigate or go protocol. Better classify risks to reduce investigative time and costs.

Monitor. Detect. Flag. Resolve.

AimBrain’s easily-consumed risk scores feed directly into your risk engine, whether that comprises a simple risk logic with an ‘if’ function right or a comprehensive fraud orchestration or IAM platform. 

Ready to put AimBrain to the test?

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