Don't measure losses. Stop fraud before it starts.

AimAnomaly Detection uses deep learning to recognise even the subtlest of abnormalities that could signal fraud, so you can stop it before it happens.

Sense and stop predators - big or small

Whether it’s large-scale or manual fraud you’re fighting, AimAnomaly Detection has you covered.

Fraud is a shape-shifting, endless concern. Plug one leak and another springs; synthetic identity fraud, first party abuse, stolen identities and more, each with the single, unwavering objective of personal gain, at the expense of your business or reputation. And these aren’t insignificant figures. In one report, it was estimated that a third of ecommerce account creations in Q1 2018  were fraudulent, compared to just 2.1% in financial services, in the same quarter.

AimAnomaly Detection uses supervised and unsupervised learning to flag abnormalities than could signal fraud, from the large scale right down to the manual onboarding stage. Even if you haven’t pinpointed the data patterns yet, we help you isolate and immobilise fraud, before it gets let in the door.

AimAnomaly Detection continually checks for signs of fraud

Fraud patrol at every point of entry

AimAnomaly Detection remains on high alert for the signs of fraud, across any device or channel with a keyboard, keypad or mouse. Spot the warning signs, wherever they originate.

Passive, continuous protection

Undetectable to your genuine users, yet lethal to potential fraudsters, our anomaly detection technology remains alert for manual, RAT, bot, MITM and other attacks, from login to logout. From new accounts to internal fraud or sabotage, spot the signs and stop the damage.

Fast deployment environment

Using our open-source AimAnomaly Detection and AimBehaviour web and mobile SDKs, our rapid pilot-to-production model lets us work together to quickly train algorithms, so that you can be fighting real fraud in just weeks.

Low footprint technology

Based on machine learning and AI, our heavy duty anomaly detection requires surprisingly low bandwidth, sending JSON scores back to your organisation in real-time, quietly and discreetly.

outwit fraud with continual learning

Feed your fraud knowledge repository and strengthen your defence strategy, using data from your business. Whether you want a helicopter view or a deep dive, our reports detail consolidated findings and individual itemised scores, for each class of fraud.

Built on cutting-edge machine learning

Our anomaly detection technology is built on evolutionary algorithms that use both structured and unstructured learning to continually detect, refine and evolve, improving over time without the need for human intervention.

AimAnomaly Detection: Packed full of features


Custom fraud detection...

Use your own annotated fraud data, spot not just simulated attacks but more complex types of irregularities such as manual onboarding fraud.

Stop fraud across any channel

Bad actors aren’t limited to one channel, so neither should you anomaly detection be. Deploy our tech across any channel that uses a keypad, keyboard or mouse.

Standalone or add-on authentication

Use AimAnomaly Detection on its own, or integrate it with other authentication tools as a step-up process where you need additional user verification.


...or an off-the-shelf solution

Use industry standard fraud data to prevent against any large scale, simulated attack including RAT attacks or bot attacks.


Broad behavioural monitoring

AimAnomaly Detection is a subset of AimBehaviour. Together you can get early warning signals of potential fraud, and protect your legitimate customers by monitoring their behaviour.

Comprehensive fraud reports

Receive an overall anomaly score plus individual itemised scores for each class you require, to build an evolving picture of attack profiles.

Recognise and stop fraud before it happens with AimAnomaly Detection

How is fraud damaging your business today?

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Tell us how fraud attacks, and we'll design the solution.

Our expertise in deep learning means that if there’s a fraud pattern to be found, we’ll find it and flag it. 

New account fraud

In 2017, NAF grew by an incredible 70%. Spot signals that suggest fraud at the point of registration, such as familiarity or multiple account registration, across mobile or web applications.

Claims submission

With one insurance scam per minute in the UK alone, Use annotated fraud data to recognise fraudulent submissions based on behavioural indicators such as navigation, hesitation and familiarity.

Instant credit abuse

Fraudsters are 'retargeting' efforts for more accessible products such as online retail accounts and short term loans, so we help you check for signals of fraud before issuing instant credit.

In-session monitoring

Account takeover costs tripled between 2016 and 2017, rising to losses of $5bn. Watch for fraudulent behaviour patterns or changes that could signify account takeovers or bot attacks.

Internal fraud

PwC shocked in 2018, saying that 52% of all frauds are perpetrated by people inside the organisation. Flag suspicious systems access or changes to workflows or sensitive information to limit financial, reputational or operational damage.

Prepaid card fraud

Prepaid card fraud resulted in losses of $500 million to US businesses in 2015, and is on the ascent. Use annotated data to recognise users looking to abuse prepaid cards for subscription exploitation.

Fraudulent approvals

Be alerted to behavioural signals that could preempt fraudulent approvals such as money transfers, changes to limits or changes to user privileges.

Transaction fraud

Use card-not-present fraud data to flag suspicious activity and step-up to a further verification for additional security.

Malicious intent

Recognise patterns from 'hacks' exposed on the web for genuine users to exploit for personal gains, quickly and before they take root.

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AimAnomaly Detection uses fraud data to build and enhance profiles of fraud instances, safeguarding you against future attacks.

Invisible, continuous anomaly detection that works across any channels, keeping you and your customers safe. Contact us for a no-nonsense chat today.

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