Continuous behavioural authentication

Powerful, invisible and continuous, AimBehaviour flags behavioural changes that could signal fraud.

Continuously verify good users to spot account takeover, with behavioural authentication.

Minimum friction, maximum security. AimBehaviour behavioural authentication provides invisible, continuous one-to-one user verification to detect account takeover and mitigate the fallout of breached credentials.

Designed to stop fraud before it happens, behavioural authentication keeps a watchful eye for changes in a user’s behaviour, so that you can step up security when you need it most. From login to logout, AimBehaviour keeps guard throughout the duration of session, comparing a user’s behaviour against their own unique, multi-contextual template, and provides the active authentication step-up when you need greater assurance.

AimBehaviour: Benefits of behavioural authentication

Flags the signs of account takeover

Counter the growing threat of trojan malware triggering the takeover of legitimate sessions by using continuous, in-session behavioural authentication to flag changes that could signify ATO.

Protects against breached credentials

With 14bn records already exposed through breaches, it's critical to protect against the reuse of stolen usernames and passwords. Authenticate users through their PIN and/or password entry and spot behavioural deviances.

No forced behaviours, no UI changes

Gather and analyse behavioural data without having to introduce changes to the user interface. No swipes, no tick boxes, no disappearing cursors; no forced behaviours required.

Feeds into any risk engine

Use the AimBehaviour scores to feed into your individual risk engine, whether a simple 'if' business logic to a full-suite fraud orchestration platform. Step-up and step-down based on the return scores.

higher authentication accuracy

Our patented approach learns and clusters behavioural data to identify users in virtually unlimited contexts, for faster, more accurate behavioural authentication across any channel.​

Anomaly Detection

AimBehaviour subset, AimAnomaly Detection, uses ensemble learning to recognise more fraud as early as onboarding. Stop fraud by assessing session data to better classify risk and threat level.

AimBehaviour: Features that tick all the boxes


Built for multi-device users

Server-side authentication model supports today's multi-device consumer, building a behavioural meta-profile across all their devices.

Cross-channel deployment

AimBehaviour can be deployed across any web or mobile channel, and underpin any interface that involves a human-machine interaction.

Step-up & step down security

Apply risk thresholds relative to the transaction normality and impact, step-up to additional authentication for certain scenarios and step-down as the user maintains an authenticated state.

Deep Learning

AimBehaviour recognises a user within just a few interactions and gathers a unique and highly accurate profile using multiple algorithms.


Uses all device data points

AimBehaviour measures thousands of data points across devices and uses entire session data, not just responses to UI changes, to provide risk scores.

Rapid pilot-to-production

Launch behavioural authentication faster following a short 'listening-mode' pilot; our team works with you to define your own risk thresholds and false accept and false reject rates.

Add invisible, continuous protection today

Can’t tolerate changes to the user journey? copy that.

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Continuous, behavioural authentication.
What do you need to do?


8 out of 10 fraudulent applications originated online in 2017.
Collect behavioural data from the onboarding stage and pair with AimAnomaly Detection to stop fraudulent accounts being opened.

Account login

Javelin research in 2018 that Account Takeover Fraud had tripled from 2017. Use invisible monitoring to streamline the access process, only stepping up to active authentication if behaviour falls outside of risk thresholds.

In-session transaction

Create and maintain a user's trusted state for routine transactions, but monitor for abnormal behaviours or requests throughout the process, stepping-up if required.

Change of details

Use behavioural authentication in unusual or extraordinary scenarios such as changing personal account details, associated bank accounts or access rights and privilege levels.

Workflow approval

Flag user behavioural changes throughout the workflow process, which could signify account takeover, unauthorised access, distress or attempted fraud.

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AimBehaviour behavioural authentication offers passive, continuous user monitoring to add invisible security and protection, flagging potential fraud so that you can stop it before it disrupts your business.

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Just the facts

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