Hyper-vigilant, continuous user authentication

Your powerful invisible friend keeps guard for any behavioural changes that could signal fraud.

The most incredible security you’ll never see

When a seamless customer experience is absolutely critical to your business, AimBehaviour behavioural authentication provides continuous security that is invisible to your users, yet unforgiving to fraudsters.

Designed to stop fraud before it happens, behavioural authentication keeps a watchful eye for changes in a user’s behaviour, so that you can step up security when you need it most. From login to logout, AimBehaviour keeps guard throughout the duration of session, comparing a user’s behaviour against their own unique, multi-contextual template. 

Continuous, passive user authentication with AimBehaviour

Stops fraud before it happens

Monitor for the discreet changes in a user's behavioural, across any device and channel, that could signify breaches such as account takeover, MiTM or coercion.

Round-the-clock protection

Invisible, continuous behavioural authentication monitors the session from login to logout, and flags unusual behaviours even at the onboarding stage, when no prior user profile exists.

Same UX, better protection

Ensures a consistent user journey by gathering behavioural patterns without having to introduce changes to the customer interface. No swipes, no tick boxes, just the same interface for zero disruption.

Friction when you need it...

Invoke an active ‘step-up’ security sequence if behaviour falls outside your risk thresholds, such as voice or facial authentication or additional credentials.

...and not when you don’t

Step down security and place the user in a trusted state for lower value/risk transactions, or when a user's behaviour falls within your comfortable levels, for a silky-smooth customer experience.

Anomaly Detection

AimBehaviour subset, AimAnomaly Detection, uses fraud data and deep learning to recognise fraud patterns as early as onboarding. Stop fraud before it damages, by isolating and immobilising based on pattern detection.

AimBehaviour: Features that tick all the boxes


Recognises omni-digital customers

Server-side authentication captures users behaviour across a touchscreen, keypad, keyboard or mouse, providing security to your users whatever device they use.

Deep learning IP

Our patented technology learns and clusters behavioural data to identify users in virtually unlimited contexts, for faster, more accurate behavioural authentication.

Componentised design

Use AimBehaviour as part of a security sequence, stepping up to active authentication such as PIN or password reentry or voice/facial biometric authentication.

Unsupervised learning

Our deep learning capabilities recognise a user within just a few interactions and gather a unique and highly accurate profile using evolutionary algorithms.

Simpler and faster user verification

AimBehaviour measures hundreds of points including typing pressure and speed, accelerometer, gyroscopy and more, with no forced behaviours required. Protect with zero changes to the UX or UI.

Rapid pilot-to-production framework

Launch behavioural authentication in a matter of weeks; our dedicated team works with you to define your own rules and thresholds.

Add invisible, continuous protection today

Can’t tolerate changes to the user journey? copy that.

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Continuous, behavioural authentication.
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8 out of 10 fraudulent applications originated online in 2017.
Collect behavioural data from the onboarding stage and pair with AimAnomaly Detection to stop fraudulent accounts being opened.

Account access

Javelin research in 2018 that Account Takeover Fraud had tripled from 2017. Use invisible monitoring to streamline the access process, only stepping up to active authentication if behaviour falls outside of risk thresholds.

Claims submission

Fraudulent insurance claims cost the UK £1.3bn in 2017. Use annotated data and user behavioural changes to flag suspicious activity such as navigation familiarity, speed or hesitations, to limit exposures.

Workflow approval

Deception, omission or abuse of position - employee fraud cost UK businesses £40m in 2016. Flag user behavioural changes throughout the workflow process, which could signify account takeover, unauthorised access, distress or attempted fraud.

In-session transaction

Create and maintain a user's trusted state for routine transactions, but monitor for abnormal behaviours or requests throughout the process, stepping-up if required.

Change of details

Use annotated data and behavioural changes to check for suspicious or unauthorised account detail changes, or changes to access rights or privileges.

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AimBehaviour behavioural authentication offers passive, continuous user monitoring to add invisible security and protection, flagging potential fraud so that you can stop it before it disrupts your business.

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