AimBrain joins the BlackBerry Marketplace to Provide Biometric Authentication for BlackBerry Dynamics users

tl;dr: 'aimbrain authenticator' is added to blackberry dynamics marketplace | it means users can swap pins and passwords for selfies when logging into to enterprise systems

AimBrain, a Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) platform, today announced its AimBrain Authenticator app is now available on the BlackBerry Marketplace to BlackBerry Dynamics users. The app, which incorporates voice and facial biometric verification modules, will enhance mobility security and improve enterprise workflow, by replacing passwords with biometric data.

Global BlackBerry enterprise customers can implement the app quickly and easily, and benefit immediately from the greater security offered by server-side identity authentication.

“AimBrain is a timely and welcome addition as an ISV Partner, joining our rapidly growing developer and enterprise application ecosystem,” said Mark Wilson, SVP and Chief Evangelist at BlackBerry. “Biometric authentication is a significant development in cybersecurity, and we want our global clients to benefit from a simpler, but safer, password-less login.”

Biometric Identity as-a-Service, or BIDaaS, means that user identities are authenticated server-side, ensuring the digital identity is linked to a person, not a device. AimBrain’s BIDaaS solution is underpinned by a proprietary deep learning engine, to continue to ‘learn’ a person, and was recently granted a patent in conditional biometrics to register a user’s behavioural, voice and face in a variety of contexts, for greater authentication accuracy.

“This partnership with BlackBerry illustrates the seismic shift from passwords to biometrics that is happening around the world. Once you have seen the limitations and faults of passwords, it is impossible to un-see them,” said Andrius Sutas, CEO and Co-Founder at AimBrain. “We are very excited about working with BlackBerry and its community of mobile-native, security-focused enterprises.”

BlackBerry Dynamics users can register for a free pilot, please visit AimBrain Authenticator for BlackBerry Dynamics.

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