Developer-ready biometric authentication

AimBrain On Demand is our free developer dashboard. Add lightweight, customisable biometric authentication to your web or mobile UI today.

Whatever your application, design it to let legitimate users in and keep fraud out, in a user-friendly way.

AimBrain On Demand was built by engineers, for engineers. 

Our developer-ready dashboard, AimBrain On Demand, gives you facial, voice and lipsync authentication modules via easy-to-deploy SDKs. Swap PINs and passwords for biometric authentication, and go trial-to-deployment with 1,000 free API calls a month, forever.


1,000 free API calls/month

  • Facial, voice & lipsync authentication
  • Web and mobile SDKs
  • Access to the API
  • Chat support

Developers go free


No credit card details required

Fuss-free dashboard and step-by-step integration guide

The AimBrain On Demand dashboard lets you quickly create an application, generate an API key, connect your app and see return scores. Our quickstart guide steers you through the setup and helps you interpret your results and change your risk thresholds.

Trial the integration with our CLI, or connect your web or mobile app using our native mobile and web SDKs.

AimBrain On Demand. Security that respects your application.

You’ve built the perfect app, so integrate the best authentication. Our authentication modules boost security and enhance the user experience.

No changes to the interface

Our active authentication modules (AimFace, AimVoice and AimFace//LipSync) are customisable to blend seamlessly into your application, whilst AimBehaviour and AimAnomaly Detection are invisible to your users.

No drag

All of our authentication modules have been designed with usability in mind, with a low memory footprint and responses sent in a lightweight JSON format, to keep your app running at full speed.

Cross-channel consistency

Our server-side model means you can deliver the same security experience for users, regardless of whether using an Android, iOS or web operating system.

Easy adoption

Let your users become biometric-enabled in just seconds; our modules need nothing more than the technology embedded into everyday smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

Speed up app login

Make it easier for your users to login to your app by using biometric authentication instead of passwords, PINs and one time codes.

Let them choose

Deploy active modules as optional, and give your customers the choice of whether they opt for biometric authentication.

Hands-off approach

Integrate, test and deploy in your own environment with as little or as much support from us. Spread 1000 free voice or face API calls per month across your apps, for testing or production.

Boost your existing authentication

If you have an existing authentication infrastructure and want to use biometrics as part of a step-up/down sequence, simply connect using our API.

Environment- and application-agnostic

Integrate our authentication modules into your software application whatever its purpose, audience or channel.

Stop bots onboarding

Use our authentication modules at the new user registration stage to detect fraud and protect against bot account creation.

Secure in-session activity

Customise your security by using biometric authentication as a step-up for specific requests such as draw-downs or changes of personal details.

Protect against breached passwords

Use biometrics as an additional factor of authentication to limit the damage in the event of a password or data breaches.

Ready-to-go SDKs and API, for any channel

Whether you’re using biometric authentication for login, approvals or just to complement your existing MFA strategy, our open API and developer toolkits means that you’re ready to recognise your users across multiple devices and channels, in a consistent way. 

Get our native Android, iOS or web SDKs here, and access the API.

Simple, scalable pricing

From individual developers to global organisations, we’ve got a pricing model that supports you through your growth journey. 

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