Time to face facts: passwords are broken

Put a smile on your users’ faces by introducing simpler, smarter security with AimFace, our facial authentication module trusted by organisations all over the world.

Let your customers unlock the benefits of your business with facial authentication.

From onboarding to account access, changes of details to transaction approvals, authenticate the user, not just the device, with AimFace facial authentication.

With the AimBrain Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) model, turn any device with a camera into your security superstar, with a single enrolment. Recognise and authenticate your users across any channel, using a simple selfie with inbuilt liveliness detection.

Say hello to AimFace, packed full of benefits.

Cast iron security

Inbuilt liveliness detection and anti-spoof technology lets users in quickly and easily, and our server-side authentication model stops the risk of access through breached devices.

Supports omni-digital customers

Our Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) model means users enrol just once, for a consistent facial authentication experience use across any device and channel with a camera.

Authentication for today’s consumers

Ditch the passwords and push notifications for technology more fit for purpose, try it for free with our developer tools.

Instant deployment

Integrate open source SDKs into your web or mobile app and roll out stronger user authentication today. Integrate AimFace today with our free-for-life developer dashboard and tools.


Hello, regulators

AimFace supports KYC-compliant onboarding, 5AMLD customer verification and PSD2's ‘inherence’ factor for stronger user authentication, whatever your business.

Cut onboarding time

Onboard customers quickly by combining AimFace technology with document scanning and image matching, for happier regulators and a higher customer conversion rate.

AimFace: Bursting full of features


Greater user identification accuracy

Our patented technology clusters facial data to identify your users in virtually unlimited contexts, for greater accuracy and a smoother user experience.

AI-based image processing

Intuitive quality feedback for the user, including suggestions to improve lighting or positioning, to simplify and support the customer through the step.

Deep learning for faster onboarding

Using algorithms enhanced by millions of requests, our technology de-noises and enhances document images in real-time, for faster onboarding.

Protects against video and photo fraud

Inbuilt liveliness detection plus checks for signals of video such as Moiré flares and chromatic anomalies, to protect against synthetic fraud.

Integrate your apps today

Simple-to-deploy SDKs to connect your web or mobile app and benefit from stronger user identification straightaway; use it for free with AimBrain On Demand.

Standalone or add-on authentication

Use AimFace facial authentication on its own, or integrate it with other authentication tools as part of a step-up process for additional security.

Seen enough? Let's get you started.

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Whatever your use case, we've got the solution to keep customers, regulators and stakeholders happy.

Know Your Customer

Combine facial authentication with ID document scanning and image matching for new account regulatory demands at the onboarding stage.


Use facial authentication as the 'something I am' inherence factor for the new PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication requirements.

Account Access

Support your customer-first strategies by swapping passwords and PINs for simple selfies that include inbuilt liveliness detection.

Systems Access

Keep your business safer from inside threats, unauthorised access or account takeover, by swapping passwords for selfies to access enterprise-wide systems and sensitive information.


Treasury departments are big ticket targets for fraudsters. Simplify and digitalise the 4-6 eye process by adding facial authentication, and keep your business safer from targeted threats.

Workflow Approval

Use facial authentication as a step-up security measure for regular or privileged user workflow approval, to protect against fraud or unauthorised access.

Account overview visibility

Enable facial authentication to grant simple visibility to a customer's assets, such as their investment portfolio or account summary.

In-session transaction approval

Integrate an active facial authentication challenge as part of your risk engine, to confirm abnormal or significant transactions.

Account change approval

Request facial authentication to change personal or privilege level details, to protect against remote account takeovers or unauthorised access.

Let’s talk facial authentication

AimFace is our facial authentication module already trusted by some of the biggest names in financial services. Swap PINs, passwords, 2FA or MFA today for a stronger, more convenient user experience.

From account onboarding, privilege access management, in-session authentication and more, go straight into trial-to-deployment with our free developer dashboard or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Just the facts

Download the AimFace Fact Sheet (PDF, 1MB)

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