Stay ahead of spoof attacks. Every time.

LipSync authentication. Delightfully simple for the user, devastatingly impenetrable for fraudsters.

AimFace//LipSync. As simple as 1,2,3. Out loud. To a camera.​

When you have a zero tolerance for unwelcome visitors, AimFace//LipSync offers unbeatable  (literally) liveliness detection and anti-spoof technology.

Stop spoof attacks dead with our market-first combination of facial authentication, audio matching and lipsync authentication. Delivered as a silky-smooth step as simple as Snapchat, behind the scenes we’re combining audio and visual data in a deep convolutional neural network designed specifically to detect audio-visual synchronisation.

AimFace//LipSync stops identity fraud from replay attacks, before any damage is done.

Say hello to AimFace//LipSync and all its benefits

Unbeatable spoof protection

AimFace//LipSync combines facial authentication with audio matching and lipsync authentication for (literally) unbeatable security.

Fast deployment environment

Using our SDK, deploy groundbreaking lipsync authentication technology quickly, and get up and running in days, not weeks (or months).

Low memory footprint

Seriously heavy duty security but a low bandwidth deployment, for a seamless user experience with no drag or lag in the app.

Cut costs and vulnerabilities

Swap passwords, PINs and 2FA SMS notifications for a smoother, stronger user authentication experience that's as simple as Snapchat.

Stronger onboarding

Combine with OCR and image matching when onboarding to protect against all new account fraud, from catfishing to underwriting.

Built for today’s users

No hardware, cards, second devices or token generators, AimFace//LipSync needs nothing more than a device's camera and microphone.

AimFace//LipSync: Packed full of features


Protection in an open world

When data is all around us, AimFace//LipSync protects against replay and presentation attack fraud trying to use video, photo or voice data stolen from the public domain.

Integral liveliness detection

Checks for signals of liveliness rather than just signals of fraud, for unbeatable authenticity assessments.

Beat fraud with deep learning

We combine voice and face data within an artificial neural network designed for audio-visual synchronisation detection, to provide you a single risk-based assessment of a user’s authenticity.

Part or all of the picture

Strong enough to stand alone, lethal in combination with modules such as AimBehaviour or AimAnomaly Detection, AimFace//LipSync is one component of our Biometric Identity as-a-Service suite.

Minimise the window for fraud

AimFace//LipSync uses a time-sensitive challenge to reduce the window of opportunity for synthetic fraud attacks. Tick, tock, time's up.

Pause & stop video attacks

AimFace//LipSync monitors for all video signals, including chromatic anomalies, flares, Moiré patterns and screen exposures.

Layer up against fraud with our multi-modal solution.

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Whatever your use case, AimFace//LipSync fits the bill.

Account onboarding

Confirm a user’s liveliness and combine with ID scanning at the onboarding stage to protect against fraudulent account generation.


Use as the inherence factor for PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication, for greater assurance of a customer’s identity in line with today's regulations.

Systems access

Protect enterprises systems and data by installing AimFace//LipSync on remote or travelling employees’ devices, to protect against unauthorised access.

Privileged access

Use for physical locations or restricted systems access; capture quickly at the onboarding stage to roll out throughout your enterprise systems.

Treasury & Payments

Strengthen internal transaction approvals and protect against errors, internal threats or unauthorised users, by requiring a step up challenge.

Confirm transactions

Combine face, audio and movement to confirm unusual or significant transactions such as abnormal money movements or process changes.

Account takeover

Protect against remote account takeovers by adding in-session verification. Use with AimBehaviour for continual risk assessments, stepping up security where needed.

Account draw-downs

Request user authentication to draw down funds into an account, for additional security and to protect against draw-down fraud.

Personal detail changes

Stop unauthorised or fraudulent changes to details and access levels, by invoking a step-up to lip sync to authorise suspicious amendments.

Let’s talk LipSync

AimFace//LipSync is our unique, first-to-market lipsync authentication module that uses nothing more than a device’s camera and microphone to devastating effect, combining facial recognition with an audio challenge and deep learning-enabled lip synchronisation measurement.

Just the facts

Download the AimFace//LipSync Fact Sheet (PDF, 1MB)


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