Say bye-bye to fraud today.

AimVoice. Simple, secure voice authentication. 

No lip-service. No meaningless words.

We say it's time to say goodbye to the authentication of yesterday.

Say farewell to fraud and hello to a smoother customer experience, with AimVoice,  our easy-to-deploy voice biometric authentication module.

Voice fraud is on the up, with Aite anticipating contact centre fraud losses doubling between 2018 and 2020. Whether your goal is to cut costs, simplify the user experience or strengthen security, voice biometric authentication turns everyday microphones into your secret superpower. 

Language- and dialect-agnostic, AimVoice leverages deep learning to continually evolve, for faster, more accurate user authentication. Integrate easily into your web or mobile app with our SDK, and offer customers voice authentication instead of passwords and PINs, across any channel or device, with a single enrolment. What do you say to that

Say hello to AimVoice and its customer-centric benefits


Built for omnidigitals

Today's consumers aren't restricted to one device. Our server-side authentication model means that after a single enrolment on one device, your customers can authenticate themselves by voice across any channel or device with a microphone. That's customer-first if ever we heard it.


Cut costs, cut risks

Say bye-bye to expensive SMS passwords and risks of interception with voice authentication, and get a faster return on investment with our Biometric Identity as-a-Service delivery. No huge deployments, no skills deficit. Just our cloud model and your immediate benefits to security and your bottom line.


Instant deployment

Our modular approach to biometric authentication and cloud-based platform lets you integrate quickly and easily using the AimBrain API and AimVoice SDK. Deploy into your web or mobile app and roll out stronger user authentication; get 1,000 API calls/month for free (forever) when you go to our developer dashboard.

Cast-iron security

Use our inbuilt liveliness detection and anti-spoof technology to let users in quickly and easily, and keep impostors out. Our cloud-based model means that you get immediate benefits from algorithm and security updates too, with no laborious on-prem deployments or project plans.


Fit for purpose

With nearly three quarters of us tired of passwords, PINs and 2FA, it's time to switch to a security approach that's more customer-first. Authenticate the user, not the device, based on their unique voice and our contextual template approach, which authenticates them in a range of settings.


Ticks compliance boxes

Whether regulation is knocking at the door or way on the horizon, our technology embodies privacy by design. Suitable for use cases including PSD2's SCA as the 'inherence' factor, KYC and more, AimBrain is also GDPR-fit with pseudonymised authentication away from PII.

AimVoice: Features built around you and your customers.


Patented multi-template approach for precision

Our patented technology learns and clusters voice data, to identify your users in virtually unlimited contexts, for greater accuracy and a smoother user experience.


Faster, easier authentication with voice

Enrol existing users with pre-recorded voice data or capture in passive or active scenarios to enrich the voice profile of your user for smoother, faster identification next time and every time.


Standalone or add-on authentication

Use AimVoice as a single user authentication tool, or integrate it with other authentication tools as a step-up process where you need additional user verification.


Market-leading performance based on deep learning

Use our AI-enhanced technology to support language- and dialect-agnostic voice biometric authentication, based on evolutionary algorithms that improve learning times and equal error rates.


Detect and prevent synthetic voice fraud

Rely on our inbuilt anti-spoof and liveliness detection to prevent bot attacks and computerised voice fraud, with our randomised, time-sensitive voice challenges.


Integrate your apps today

Simple-to-deploy web and mobile SDKs that integrate seamlessly into your web or mobile app, and our dashboard enables you to view application responses and configure your thresholds quickly and easily.

Enough of the small talk. Let's get started.

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To infinity and beyond; voice authentication for any use case


Collect voice data at the customer registration stage or pre-enrol customers for voice authentication using existing recorded data.

Account Access

Use voice authentication in place of passwords and OTPs, to seamlessly and quickly grant access to accounts or to simplify call centre verification.

Workflow Approval

Add an in-session step-up to voice authentication on sensitive or abnormal transactions, to reduce fraudulent or unauthorised approvals.

In-session Transaction Approval

Step-up in session with an additional voice prompt when confirming irregular or significant transactions that fall outside of your risk thresholds.

Account Change Approval

Avoid fraudulent or unauthorised account takeover by adding in a voice authentication challenge to confirm changes to personal details.

Physical Access

Use in web applications connected to physical access management, to grant access to restricted locations. Collect voice data at the enrolment stage and deploy across the organisation.

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AimVoice voice biometric authentication lets you swap PINS, passwords, 2FA or MFA for a stronger, more convenient user experience. Integrate it today to reduce fraud, from account onboarding or access to in-session authentication. 

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Just the facts

Download the AimVoice voice authentication fact sheet (PDF, 1MB)

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