Stop bots and automated attacks quickly and efficiently.

The lethal nature of bots means that when they attack, they attack en masse. Protect against the automation of new accounts.

Automated attacks can decimate a business.

From denial of service attacks to the insidious and damaging exploitation of free account rewards, automated attacks have successfully migrated from nuisance levels to life-threatening. 

Being able to react quickly in the identification and isolation of malicious bot activity is critical for today’s online organisations. Hacker and fraud bots are being specifically programmed to generate new accounts in order to take advantage of instant credits, financial rewards or loyalty programmes, and the costs alone of investigating can be debilitating.

Stop automated attacks and bot-based new account fraud.

If your business incentivises new online registrations, it’s imperative that you stop automated attacks designed to exploit instant benefits.

Imposter bots were thought to make up 84% of all bad bot traffic in 2016, bypassing traditional online security steps for fraudulent wins. AimAnomaly can spot the signs of fraudulent or hacker bots using unsupervised learning, by quickly detecting patterns and sending real-time alerts so that you can blacklist new associated registrations.

Continual monitoring of new account registrations to detect non-human behaviour, across any device or channel.


Real-time alerts when cohorts are identified, so that you can ring-fence similar registrations for investigation or denial of access.

Rapid training and unsupervised learning mean faster results and fewer fraud losses and investigative costs.

AimBrain mitigated 34,000 attacks in three days that could have caused irreparable damage to a cloud provider’s infrastructure. Put us to the test on your POC today.

Fast protection from automated attacks starts now.


Blacklist behaviours and stop new accounts being generated, to protect against future abuse or financial or operational losses.


Rapid identification reduces investigative costs and losses to your bottom line, service availability or infrastructure.


Regular reports, real-time alerts and scores that can be easily consumed into wider risk platform to build out attack profiles.

Monitor. Detect. Flag. Resolve.

AimBrain’s easily-consumed risk scores feed directly into your risk engine, whether that comprises a simple risk logic with an ‘if’ function right or a comprehensive fraud orchestration or IAM platform. 

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