A fraud protection platform for tomorrow, and all of the tomorrows after that.

We protect against manual & automated fraud, whilst seamlessly authenticating legitimate users across any device or channel. 

Multi-modal biometric authentication. Keep fraud out and green-light genuine users on one single platform.

Protecting against fraud and optimising the user experience is at the heart of today’s businesses. Yet authentication is often different across channels, device-based, and disjointed, and protecting against bad actors requires a tricky  of providers and contracts.

At AimBrain, we recognise that a user is not simply a device. We know that, in an underworld bursting with breaches, vulnerabilities and fraud-as-a-service, relying on ‘something I know‘ is far more dangerous than ‘something I am‘. 

Today’s tidal wave of fraud demands a new approach

A single, scaleable platform upon which you could pick and choose your fraud prevention and user authentication modules, configurable to your unique risk thresholds and security requirements. One platform, five modules, based on deep learning for continuous improvement. 

Welcome to Biometric Identity As-A-Service.

BIDaaS: The future of fraud protection and user authentication through biometrics

Omni Digital Users

Today's consumers aren't restricted to a single device. Recognise their digital flexibility, and deliver a smarter experience - a single enrolment that can be used to authenticate them across any channel. Read more about how our server-side model supports multi-channel consistency.


Lower TCO

Our SaaS deployment model minimises architectural and engineering costs, and gives you the flexibility to add additional authentication modules as required. Sit back and enjoy a break-even point you can almost touch; read more about the cost effectiveness of taking it off-prem.​

Make security invisible

Streamline the user experience by combining anomaly detection with passive, continuous behavioural authentication. Step up only when you need additional security, for the appropriate amount of friction. Read more about our invisible, continuous authentication.

Rapid plug and play

Streamline the user experience by combining anomaly detection with passive, continuous behavioural authentication. Step up only when you need additional security, for the appropriate amount of friction. Read about how we help you architect your 'right amount of friction'.​


Consistent brand experience

Strengthen your brand IP with uniform security across web and mobile channels, and improve the CX by enabling omnichannel authentication with a single registration. Stop the password, PIN, code and OTP madness, and read more about how we support your customer-first strategy.

Upgrades and enhancements

With a SaaS model, you benefit from immediate updates to our algorithms, security updates, patches and monitoring. Plus, with our deep learning engine underpinning all of our authentication, accuracy improves with every single of our 200m+ authentication requests per month.

BIDaaS. Simply smarter user authentication


Plug into any business

Using our open source SDKs, rapidly connect to our universal platform and start integrating secure, user-friendly biometric authentication.

Connect and configure all modalities

Our BIDaaS Biometric Identity as-a-Service platform underpins our voice, lipsync, facial and behavioural modules today, and all of our modules on the roadmap.

Faster, more accurate user verification

Our patented IP recognises users across all modalities faster and more accurately, based on our contextual data clustering approach.

Self-learning algorithms

Our evolutionary algorithms self-train without human intervention, refining and improving accuracy with every interaction.

Decouples authentication from PII

Our Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) platform cloud-based and uses pseudonymised requests, removing the authentication process from sensitive and personal information.

Privacy first

AimBrain puts data privacy first; requests are captured client-side and pseudonymised as they hit our servers for authentication, to eliminate the issue of sharing raw biometric data.

Let's design a better authentication experience

Let’s chat about what you want to build.

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Biometric Identity as-a-Service.
What do you need it to do for your business?

There's no such thing as a 'typical' deployment. But we've put together a few examples of how a server-side authentication model can be used to configure modules to suit different use cases.

Onboarding fraud

Combine AimAnomaly Detection with an active challenge using AimVoice, AimFace or AimFace//Lipsync, to check for liveliness and compare against fraud indicators.

Account Access

Combine invisible, continuous AimBehaviour and step up to AimFace, AimVoice or AimFace//LipSync if behaviour falls out of normal parameters, or for higher privileges.

Workflow Approval

Swap passwords or one-time-passcodes for active security steps such as AimFace//LipSync, to verify the user at critical points within a workflow or to authorise abnormal transactions.

In-session Transaction Approval

Deploy AimBehaviour to continually monitor behaviour, and step-up to an active module such as AimFace, AimFace//LipSync or AimVoice to approve a transaction, in real-time.

Account Change Approval

Use AimAnomaly Detection to look for suspicious patterns typical of account takeover or unauthorised access, and supplement with an active challenge to verifiy the user, in session.

And many, many more...

Use case configurations are as unique as your company, and can incorporate the correct blend of passive and active authentication steps for the task in hand.

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Reduce costs, protect against fraud and delight customers, quickly and easily with our Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) model.

Contact us for a no-nonsense chat today and find out how to improve your user authentication with a multifactor authentication platform.

Just the facts

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