Biometric Identity as-a-Service: Whitepaper On Benefits of Authentication in the Cloud

tldr: move over fido, there's a new kid in town | relying on device-based authentication doesn't identify the person | cloud means greater accuracy | banks specifically love biometric identity as-a-service because it's truly customer-centric

Behavioural Biometrics with Step-Up Voice and Facial Authentication Combined With Deep Learning Enhances Security and Customer Journey in Financial Services.

AimBrain – a specialist in Voice, Facial and Behavioural biometric authentication, last week launched a new whitepaper on the benefits of moving authentication from on-device to cloud. BIDaaS – or Biometric Identification as-a-Service, will be the go-to model for a smoother customer journey, greater security and more accuracy in building a biometric profile of a user.

Andrius Sutas, Founder and CEO of AimBrain, part of the Level 39 high growth tech community, said the benefits of moving to a BIDaaS model reach far beyond simple cost savings when compared to today’s authentication processes.

“Relying purely on device-based authentication does not truly identify the individual; it simply proves the link between the device and an app. By authenticating a user against a known Know Your Customer document such as a passport or national ID, then creating a unique profile based on behavioural, face and voice biometrics, banks can create a verified digital identity for every customer”, said Sutas.

AimBrain’s BIDaaS whitepaper explains how fraudulent activities can be flagged before they happen. Behavioural – or passive – authentication can run invisibly in the background on a mobile, tablet or laptop, continually monitoring behavioural traits to pick anomalies, which trigger a step-up authentication via voice or face recognition. “By running biometric comparisons in the cloud against millions of unique digital identities and applying machine learning, patterns emerge much faster and a precise profile of a user evolves quickly”, he continued.

Sutas also believes that server-side or Cloud authentication offers far greater data security. “Digital identities are stored as unique templates in the form of mathematical constructs,” he continues. “We do not hold images or voice recordings; as soon as the data hits the Cloud, it is turned into a digital construct  – a template – and the original data is irreversibly destroyed. Furthermore, the templates used to create the profiles can at any time be revoked, rendering any stored data unusable. In an age where sensitive information is breached regularly, we believe banks that offer customers this level of assurance will be the ones to succeed.”

AimBrain’s unique combination of biometric modules appeal to financial institutions across the landscape that are focused on the transformation of the digital journey. Peter Reynolds, Chief Commercial Officer at AimBrain, is witnessing a turning point in the Financial Services sector. “Advances in technology like this support a bank’s digital transformation and customer engagement strategy”, he said. “Voice, face and behavioural biometrics stored as a single digital identity means that a bank customer can log in via a mobile app or through a desktop, go to a branch,  or call a call centre  after enrolling just once. The implications are market changing; imagine no longer having to re-enrol if a phone gets lost, stolen, hacked or damaged as your biometrics are stored in the Cloud.”

The whitepaper reflects a new analysis by leading biometrics authority Acuity Market Intelligence, which also highlights the need for Cloud-based biometric authentication. The paper concludes that that the future of authentication will embrace ‘a new ‘identity-centric’ paradigm’. Maxine Most, Principal at Acuity said “Biometric Identity as-a-Service is the future of authentication. Enterprises that adopt this technology now will be driving the digital identity revolution instead of scrambling to keep up with it.”

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