Be our guest. Get creative with our tools.

Our trial-to-deployment dashboard is the perfect place to test AimBrain for yourself. 1,000 times a month, for free, if you like.

It's time to say RIP to RFIs holding up your progress.

Our free-to-use dashboard lets you stop the bottleneck, and dive straight in to test the tech for yourself.

Our technology is based around easy-to-integrate, scalable deployments, so that you can try it for yourself without having to jump through procurement hoops. Let your teams run wild, with no commitment to buy. Test the integration and outputs, to help you shape your wider enterprise deployment requirements.

Big builds or small trials, get stuck in.

AimBrain On Demand is our free-for-life developer dashboard that supports moderate usage (1,000 API calls/month), so it’s ideal for larger organisations that want to trial integrations across multiple applications and modules. Let your engineering, product, innovation or research teams get stuck in, our hands-off approach lets you see just how simple it is to integrate biometric authentication. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll be here to talk to you about your enterprise deployment and economies of scale.

Trial your integration now with AimBrain On Demand

Free dashboard

Trial the integration of your web or mobile apps with our developer dashboard, and see how fast it is to bring in biometric authentication.

Integrate modules

Try connecting AimFace, AimVoice and/or AimFace//LipSync into your web or mobile application, using easy-to-deploy SDKs.

Get real returns

After integrating your test application, start getting real returns and see how the scores are presented back to you.

1,000 API calls per month

Make up to 1,000 API calls a month for free; use them in one application or module, or spread them across all of our modules or across multiple apps and channels.

Love your dashboard

Configure your reports and understand your data, by creating multiple applications and getting real results, and drilling down into each return score.

And you're off!

Use AimBrain for free with 1,000 monthly requests, opt for standard pricing above 1,000 or contact us for a bespoke enterprise solution and volume-based pricing.

Hands on, hands off – the choice is yours.

Go to the dashboard

read the quickstart guide

We work hard to make it easy for you to integrate biometrics.

Find out more about our free dashboard, take a look at how we can assist your risk threshold modelling and start testing today to introduce stronger user authentication into your web and mobile apps.

Protect yourself against fraud, enhance the user experience across any channel, reduce costs and achieve compliance standards. Without even talking to us (we won’t take it personally, we know you just want to trial on your own terms).

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