Compliance needn't be complicated.

We've built our onboarding and user authentication modules around three core tenets; user experience, fraud protection and regulatory requirements.

Protecting the way you do business

Regulation and compliance adherence are estimated to cost financial institutions up to 10% of their annual revenue. For SMEs however, these costs are disproportionately higher, making it ever harder to simply keep up.

Our Biometric Identity as-a-Service authentication modules, which have been designed with data privacy at their core, are a cost-effective way and scalable way to introduce stronger user authentication that adheres to regulatory demands, and our flexible pricing model ensures that no one is left behind. 

And now, we’re powering best-of-breed innovative companies that are delivering single point solutions to achieve your regulatory requirements, such as the MYPINPAD PSD2 triple-factor inherence solution.

Respecting customers, delighting regulators

Whatever your business and whichever regulations govern you, we help you limit exposures from fraudulent activity in a way that is compliant for your company and your customers. 

Our invisible and visible authentication tools help you prevent fraud, using pseudonymised data.  

AimBrain is working with MYPINPAD, providing the biometric inherence factor to its groundbreaking PSD2 SCA-ready solution. Dynamic linking, device binding and now biometrically-enabled. Find out more

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We help you protect your business with a model that cuts onboarding time, detects and prevents fraud and gives you the assurance that your customers are who they say they are, without the need to share with us any personal identifiable or sensitive information. .

Grant legitimate users access to accounts, data or systems, across any channel and any device, without compromising privacy. Configure our components however you wish, to enhance your security and satisfy your regulators. 

Safety and privacy across any channel

AimBrain is powering a remote verification platform that provides KYC and AML-compliant onboarding, with AimFace//LipSync. More news coming in May.

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How our clients integrate biometrics to support compliance goals

PSD2 and SCA

Biometric authentication forms the ‘inherence’ factor of PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication. Use facial, voice or our LipSync module to confirm a user’s authenticity as your second factor, and get open banking-ready with our easy-to-integrate APIs.


Comply with GDPR and data protection best practice by choosing an authentication provider that captures requests within your infrastructure, pseudonymises for authentication and decouples from Personally Identifiable Information (PII), to protect your business.


5AMLD requires stronger user authentication for FS providers and beyond. Strengthen the onboarding process with facial authentication and document scanning, monitor for signs of fraud using our powerful anomaly detection tool.


KYC headcount increased 450% from 2016 to 2017, according to a Thomson Reuters survey. Combine fraud anomaly detection at the new account stage with facial authentication and ID scanning and matching. Connect via APIs to third parties to check the integrity of ID sources, and use our machine learning to enhance document images for faster, smoother onboarding.

Insider fraud

Employee fraud cost UK businesses £40m in 2016, although this was assumed to be 'the tip of the iceberg'. Monitor for signs of behavioural changes or abnormalities that could signal account takeover or internal fraud, and use active security such as facial or voice authentication to confirm workflow approvals, transactions or changes.


The World Economic Forum estimated that corruption increases business costs by the equivalent of 5% of global GDP. Monitor in-session enterprise system behaviours and combine with anomaly detection to isolate abnormalities that could signal stress or coercion, across any channel using a keypad, keyboard, touchscreen or mouse.

From AML to SCA, we know and love regulation.

We love talking compliance

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Privacy by design

As a security company, our solutions need to remain ahead of the capabilities of today’s fraudsters. Not only that, but we’re utterly fastidious about how data is treated; compliance and privacy are at the heart of our products, our model and our approach.

AimBrain contractually insists on zero-access agreements to any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), respecting your customers’ data. 

Our modules are deployed via SDKs using open APIs which are TLS and HMAC-secured. We integrate directly into your application using your secure channel.

In the event of a suspected breach, algorithmic templates can be severed, rendering any data useless.

Data is pseudonymised as it leaves our client’s secure infrastructure in a way that is impossible to reverse engineer.

Built for layered protection, for regulation as yet unknown

Our Biometric Identity as-a-Service approach lets you layer on modules and configure to best suit the use case and regulation demands.

Security and compliance, delivered across any device and any channel, that respects your legitimate users whilst keeping you protected against fraud or criminal activity.

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