Want to talk deep learning?
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Deep learning, machine learning and AI aren't just boxes to be ticked. We tell you how, where and why they are at the heart of our business.

Deep learning-enabled authentication.
Talked about my many, clearly articulated by few.

We don’t gloss over it though. In fact, we’ll talk about it until you look awkward. So if you know your evolutionary algorithms from your convolutional neural networks, read on.

Underpinning our business is AimEngine, our proprietary deep learning platform built on the most pioneering research. We built it using deep neural networks that search for the most distinguishable feature for every individual and use-case. These features form user-specific templates, and this methodology achieves accuracy levels far superior to manual techniques and older iterations of machine learning models. What’s more, AimEngine is built using evolutionary algorithms, so that it continues to learn; the more data it’s fed, the more accurate it becomes.

Applications of machine learning

Our engineering team comprises first-class post-doc scientists from some of the world’s best universities and research labs. With talent from organisations such as ARM, CERN, Google and European Space Agency, we are committed to conducting pioneering research that benefits AimBrain and the wider scientific community.

A recent research side-project undertaken by our scientists tackled the issue of Visual Question Answering (VQA), which was been accepted to NIPS 2018. Find out more here:

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Here are just some of the ways we use deep learning.

What deep learning means for you

It ensures that your end users are authenticated faster and more accurately. You benefit from reduced fraud with our approach that lets you apply lower false negatives rates to your risk models, and your customers benefit from the lower false positive acceptance rates you can offer due to the accuracy we can apply across different conditions.

Our continued research into cutting-edge ML technology means that your investment continues to yield, again and again.

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