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Please use your work email. If it’s the first time you’re logging into the demo application on a new phone we will ask you to verify your email address. Once that is done the application will automatically log you in.

In production we do not need any registration, only an encrypted user identification number.


Our software needs to get to know you. Please keep using the application until your Enrollment progress reaches 100%. It usually takes around 25 times of: a) entering the pin code b) making a payment and c) scrolling through the transactions list. We will notify you with a pop-up each time you complete a session. We will then be ready to build a custom template for you.

In production we collect this information in the background without the user needing to go through this process.


You are ready to test the application when your status is shown as “Authenticating”. At this point please ask a random person to do the procedure from “2. Enroll” section and observe that “Score” is low, as indicated by the red bar. Once you resume using the application yourself observe how “Score” is high again, as indicated by the green bar. Please always start from the pin code screen.

In production the threshold for authenticated / not is set depending on a specific use case and we always provide the raw score too.

Review Results

While testing the demo or debugging your first implementation it is very useful to be able to view results via a dashboard. You can enrol for AimBrain On Demand, our free platform for technical and developer audiences, and use our modules to test or trial your integrations. The platform is free-for-life, for up to 1,000 API calls a month.

Results are exported, consumed and analysed via our provided HTTP APIs.

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