Onboard good customers and isolate the bad.

Not all enrolments are good. Quickly detect bad actors whilst streamlining the onboarding process for legitimate customers.

Identifying genuine new customers is like sifting for gold.

New account fraud up was 70% from 2016 and breached identity credentials are being sold for as little as £2 on the dark web.

Today’s businesses have the unenviable task of onboarding genuine customers quickly and efficiently, whilst detecting and immobilising fraud. By deploying AimAnomaly at the registration process you can reduce the risk of fraudulent applcations, and improve the accuracy of the risk assessment to ensure that good users are green-lighted. 

Start building a user’s behavioural profile from the first interaction, to detect account takeover in the future,  and add in active biometric authentication and identity checks at the onboarding stage so that customers can access your app with a simple facial, voice or video challenge.

In a world fighting a fraud epidemic, offer a sleeker onboarding experience that protects, delights and retires passwords for good.

Protect against the inevitable from the start.

As attacks morph, it’s critical to design a security solution from the first point of entry, that doesn’t just address the threats of yesterday, but those of tomorrow.

Build in your fraud defence from the onboarding stage by combining invisible and visible security that protect against the many future faces of fraud, whilst providing a fast, fuss-free and friendly user experience.

Our AimAnomaly fraud detection technology applied at the onboarding stage enabled one customer to declassify the risk level on certain applications by 30%, saving attrition losses of $500k in a matter of weeks.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss reducing attrition at the onboarding stage.

We help you make your e-onboarding process smooth, yet secure. 

We’ve got the invisible authentication steps; anomaly detection that watches invisibly for suspicious signals, across any channel, and we’ve got the visible; authentication steps that put obstacles in the way of bad actors.   

It doesn’t end there though. Re-use e-onboarding data such as facial or voice authentication as your security steps across your points of engagement with customers, to keep friction to a minimum and reduce the risk of password breaches.

Open the door to new customers, but keep fraud out.

We’re powering a remote verification tool that combines KYC and AML checks with biometric enrolment and document image matching for a fast yet rigorous onboarding experience. More news in May!

Need an onboarding solution that is simple, user-friendly and compliant? Get in touch.

Fraud protection throughout the e-onboarding process

Spot anomalies at the very start

From the new account opening stage, check for fraudulent patterns based on annotated or generic data. Navigation, familiarity, multiple registrations; stop fraud at the first hurdle. Find out more about AimAnomaly.

Spot anomalies at the very start
Scan identity documents

Using one of our integrated partners, onboard with identity documents and conduct KYC and AML checks or extract trusted documentation information using OCR.

Scan identity documents
Compare and match the images

Enrol with AimBrain’s facial or lipsync authentication modules and extract facial images from the document to match in real-time to a user’s selfie. Use our machine learning techniques to de-noise and enhance images, for faster matching.

Compare and match the images
Connect to third party datasets

Integrate third party lookups, such as national identity databases or consolidated industry data, using your own API framework and ecosystem.

Connect to third party datasets
Introduce simpler user authentication

Use the images captured to swap passwords and PINs for facial authentication or lipsync (video/audio) authentication, for added security throughout the customer lifecycle; for transaction approval, changes to personal details and account access for example.  

Introduce simpler user authentication

End-to-end, we're with you.

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Fit for purpose, whatever your purpose

Across any device and any channel, our Biometric Identity as-a-Service suite of modules supports your customer-first approach. Build security into your products and user experiences with AimBrain.

As uniquely configurable as your business, keep the customer experience frustration-free from onboarding and throughout the entire lifecycle.

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