Don't let onboarding let you down.

When you've found your perfect customer, don't let them slip through your fingers. Use biometrics to support a fast, smooth onboarding process.

Identifying genuine new customers is like sifting for gold.

New account fraud up was 70% from 2016 and breached identity credentials are being sold for as little as £2 on the dark web.

Today’s businesses have the unenviable task of onboarding genuine customers quickly and efficiently, whilst detecting and immobilising fraud. Big banks have had to increase KYC staff by 450% last year, as regulation demands greater precision –  so let’s make your e-onboarding convenient, compliant and cast-iron.


What they want, versus what they need.

It’s a strange old world. Digitisation has put the customer at the heart of the equation; more choice, more convenience, faster decisions – and far more control over how their data is used and shared. 

Yet at the same time, fraud is at an all time high, with record-breaking levels of identity theft; treasure troves on the dark web just brimming with golden credentials – stolen, harvested, curated. 

In the race to gain market share, security cannot be overlooked for convenience. It has never been harder, yet more crucial, to tell the genuine from the fraudulent, particularly at the onboarding stage. 

We’re working with a global Cloud Service Provider to red flag instances of account-opening fraud, using AimAnomaly Detection.

We help you make your e-onboarding process smooth, yet secure. 

We’ve got the invisible authentication steps; anomaly detection that watches invisibly for suspicious signals, across any channel, and we’ve got the visible; authentication steps that put obstacles in the way of bad actors.   

It doesn’t end there though. Re-use e-onboarding data such as facial or voice authentication as your security steps across your points of engagement with customers, to keep friction to a minimum and reduce the risk of password breaches.

Open the door to new customers, but keep fraud out.

We’re also working helping an APAC digital bank offer e-onboarding and an enhanced login/step-up authentication experience with AimFace.

Fraud protection throughout the e-onboarding process

Spot anomalies at the very start

From the new account opening stage, check for fraudulent patterns based on annotated or generic data. Navigation, familiarity, multiple registrations; stop fraud at the first hurdle. Find out more about AimAnomaly Detection.

Spot anomalies at the very start
Scan identity documents

Using one of our integrated partners, check for signs of counterfeit documents and extract key detail via OCR to pre-populate enrolment data.

Scan identity documents
Compare and match the images

Use AimBrain’s facial or lipsync authentication modules, extract facial images from the document and match in real-time to a user’s selfie. Use our machine learning techniques to de-noise and enhance images, for faster matching.

Compare and match the images
Connect to third party datasets

Integrate third party lookups, such as national identity databases or consolidated industry data, using your own API framework and ecosystem.

Connect to third party datasets
Introduce simpler user authentication

Use the images captured to swap passwords and PINs for facial authentication for added security throughout the customer lifecycle; for transaction approval, changes to personal details and account access for example.  

Introduce simpler user authentication

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Across any device and any channel, our Biometric Identity as-a-Service suite of modules supports your customer-first approach. Build security into your products and user experiences with AimBrain.

As uniquely configurable as your business, keep the customer experience frustration-free from onboarding and throughout the entire lifecycle.


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