Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes

To protect your business and customers, you need a fraud prevention solution that adjusts to your unique use cases

Fraud prevention is a journey, not a destination.

Burner phones. Mule accounts. Dark web credential harvesting. Malicious apps. Synthetic identity. Instant credit abuse.

Fraud is shape-shifting, highly efficient and quick to exploit – sometimes to devastating effect. Predictions from the insurance industry anticipate a sixfold increase in cyber premiums by 2025, costing businesses up to $20bn, as big brands hit the headlines almost daily as the latest casualties.

So when threats are so prevalent, so sophisticated and so evolutionary, it has never been more critical for organisations to detect, prevent and disrupt fraud, quickly and effectively. 

There is no silver bullet to protect against fraud

At AimBrain, we understand that your fraud prevention strategy must adapt and scale to the threat, the use case and the risk.

That’s why we have built an arsenal of easily-configurable user authentication tools, based on a single cloud model, that can integrate into your existing architecture using the AimBrain API. Customise how you protect your organisation, customers, reputation and bottom line, quickly and with scale.

Our 100% proprietary passive and active modules can be used in isolation, layered together or integrated into your existing risk infrastructure, to form part of your step-up/step-down authentication sequence.

AimBrain is working with a global Cloud Services Provider to red flag instances of account opening fraud, using AimAnomaly Detection.

We are also helping a European financial services technology provider to offer liveliness detection to its clients, using AimFace facial authentication.

Using supervised and unsupervised machine learning, we help you identify fraud as early as the onboarding stage across any channel, even manual.

We have built a unique combination of passive and active authentication modules, so that you can keep watch for fraud and only step-up when you need to.

Let your legitimate customers through quickly and seamlessly, but close the door on fraudsters firmly.

Disrupt fraud as early as onboarding

AimBrain is working with a global credit card provider to reduce fraudulent account opening at the onboarding stage, by using AimAnomaly Detection to flag suspicious enrolments.

We’re also helping an APAC digital bank offer remote onboarding and an enhanced login/step-up authentication experience with AimFace.

We stop fraud before it has a chance to do damage.

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Meet the AimBrain Fraud Prevention Toolkit

AimAnomaly Detection

AimAnomaly Detection recognises fraudulent activity before it happens. Minimise losses as early as the onboarding stage using generic industry or your own annotated fraud data.


AimBehaviour watches users invisibly to provide continuous risk-based assessments that the user is who they say they are, flagging anomalies in behaviours to help you trigger additional steps.


Swap passwords for selfies, get PSD2-ready and support customer onboarding with document image matching. Deploy across any device or channel with a camera with a single enrolment.


Say a firm farewell to fraud by swapping passwords and PINs for voice authentication. Deploy across any channel with a microphone after a single enrolment.


Combining facial authentication with audio matching and lip movement, AimFace//LipSync is our first-to-market module that is unbeatable by any spoof technology available today.


Underpinning all of our authentication modules is our Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) platform; cloud-based for quick deployment and rapid and cost-effective scalability.

Step up, step down. Minimum inconvenience, maximum effect.

Design your individual approach using a step-up / step-down security sequence that suits your risk models and applies the right amount of friction. Find out more here.

Monitor invisibly and continually for to stop fraud before it starts.

AimAnomaly Detection monitors for patterns or abnormalities that could signal fraud, using generic fraud data or trained specifically on your annotated fraud examples. Based on deep learning, it continues to evolve and spot the imperceptible, getting stronger with each interaction.

AimBehaviour passively compares user behaviours against their specific template, providing real-time, in-session responses so that you can invoke additional security steps to prevent against breaches.

Our passive modules are deployable across any device with a touchscreen, keyboard, keypad or mouse.

Our active authentication modules – AimFace facial authentication, AimVoice voice authentication and AimFace//LipSync combined face, audio and movement, can be used to ‘step up’ security when you need it.

Each organisation is unique, so we built our active modules to be standalone, combined with our other solutions, or connected to your existing fraud infrastructure to form part of a sequence. 

Step-up to active biometric authentication when you need additional assurance that the user is who they say they are; if their behaviour falls outside of your risk threshold or for specific access or in-session use cases.

Detect and disrupt fraudulent users before they can harm.

The key to a successful equilibrium between protection and the user experience relies on the application of just the right amount of friction when required.

One you’ve stepped up and are assured of a person’s authenticity, step back down again to minimise friction.  Continue running AimBehaviour and AimAnomaly Detection invisibly to maintain a user’s ‘trusted’ state. 

Fit for purpose, whatever your purpose

From instant credit to mule accounts, catfishing to claims to prepaid card fraud, we can help you detect the signs of fraud and immobilise it.

Fraud prevention is the best cure, as they say.

Across any device and any channel, our Biometric Identity as-a-Service suite of modules helps detect, immobilise and prevent fraud before it hurts your business.


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