Not all customers are good. Stamp out reward and loyalty fraud.

When registration takes moments and the rewards are enticing, you need to protect against users looking to game the system.

Loyalty fraud attracts both opportunistic and seasoned fraud professionals.

The battle for new customers continues to rage, and businesses look to incentives as a way to attract new users. 

Yet every bonus or reward brings with it those looking to exploit the system. Fraud teams must now deal with the enormous and growing problem of voucher and promotional code abuse, with some gaming companies estimating it makes up 15% of total revenues.

Coupled with more sophisticated and increasingly cheap ways to game the system and create accounts, and bots being created to circumvent evolving security checks, it’s imperative that organisations detect fraud – both manual and automated – to curb the creation of these exploitative accounts quickly.

Anomaly detection flags high risk registrations likely to result in loyalty fraud.

Stop the flow of bad users entering your system.

AimAnomaly uses unsupervised and supervised learning to pinpoint new account registrations, both manual and automated, that fit the profile of high risk applications, so that you can block, investigate further or put on a watch list. Whether it’s new users registering with stolen credentials, those using genuine credentials with bad intent or imposter bots, stop account approvals in real-time with no disruption to good users.

AimBrain uses ensemble learning; multiple algorithms to catch manual and automated fraud.

Supervised learning uses annotated data to assess and apply a risk score to new account openings.

Deep learning uses data from the entire application process, rather than responses to human-engineered tests.

Unsupervised learning powers the rapid detection of bot-generated new account fraud.

In-session scores help accurately grade the risk and appropriate the response.

AimBrain assesses thousands of new account applications for a tech service provider suffering from loyalty fraud, where users were signing up with the purpose of defaulting on payments or abusing the credits available to them.

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Protect against those looking to game the system by monitoring behaviour invisibly, to red flag high risk new accounts.


Quickly identify and isolate imposter bots trying to generate new accounts to defraud and game the system.


Avoid adding friction to genuine new user registrations by leveraging our ensemble learning approach for greater accuracy.

Monitor. Detect. Flag. Resolve.

AimBrain’s easily-consumed risk scores feed directly into your risk engine, whether that comprises a simple risk logic with an ‘if’ function right or a comprehensive fraud orchestration or IAM platform.

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