Single provider. Multiple modules.

Make life simpler by choosing a single biometrics partner that's built a wide range of authentication modules, to fit into your wider multifactor authentication strategy.

Stronger authentication.
Simpler procurement.

At AimBrain, we always say that there is no one silver bullet to fight fraud.

So that’s why we built five bullets (and counting) delivered on a single, scalable and easy-to-deploy platform.

Not only does this mean you only have one partner to work with, but our biometric authentication modules can be easily configured and deployed to fit your individual multifactor authentication goals and scenarios. 

Step-up, step-down; use biometric authentication to enhance the user experience and protect against fraud.

Biometrics: the detail or part of a bigger picture?

Our biometric modules can be used in isolation, combined together, or plugged into your existing authentication risk engine to form part of your wider MFA strategy.

Our range of proprietary authentication modules uses open source SDKs for a fast, simpler and scalable deployment.

Strong enough to standalone, modular to be layered together, and smart enough to plug directly into your existing authentication framework, our smorgasbord of secure components is all you need to incorporate biometrics into your individual MFA strategy.

Integrate biometrics for an MFA approach as unique as you.

Let’s talk multifactor authentication

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The AimBrain Approach

Works with your existing mechanisms

If you want biometrics to contribute to your multifactor authentication strategy, our modules can be plugged into your existing architecture to add strength and usability.

Uniplatform, omnichannel

Roll out a consistent authentication experience across web, mobile and desktop channels and respect the ways in which your users choose to engage with you.

Go configure.

With AimBrain, you are in the configuration driving seat. Mix it up depending your risk appetite and the normality or abnormality of a transaction or scenario.

Step up security

With anomaly detection and behaviour authentication running invisibly, step up to voice, face or AimFace//LipSync - or any combination thereof - when you need extra security.

Time to regulate

Say goodbye to SMS security holes with our cloud model and pseudonymised templates, and supports regulations that use ‘inherence’ as an authentication factor.

Extensive partner network

Our collaborative reach gives you access to other best-of-breed players outside of biometrics, from identity validation to permanent device ID.

Authentication sequences designed for today’s customer-first businesses.

Go trial-to-deployment with our free developer dashboard

Let’s talk multifactor authentication

Sorry, 2FA, but security has moved on.

As fraud becomes ever more sophisticated and security vulnerabilities are exploited quickly and mercilessly, mixing it up with MFA puts more obstacles in the way of those that want to harm.

Use biometrics as one of your factors of authentication, in conjunction with your existing mechanisms such as device authentication, passwords, PINs, 2FA or hard tokens. If it’s fit for open banking and PSD2, it’s fit for any use case.

Our modules integrate easily into your risk environment using SDKs and APIs. So add strength to your existing security steps, whether it’s something the user has or knows, by incorporating something they are.

Select from our suite of biometric components to enhance your own MFA sequence. Combine passive (behaviour and anomaly detection) and active (voice, face, lipsync) authentication steps for a convenient, secure authentication experience, across any channel.

MFA is not just for account onboarding and access. Add biometrics as part of a MFA strategy for critical steps such as high value workflow approvals or security detail amendments, for in-session protection against intruders.

Use biometrics as part of your multifactor authentication strategy to switch from binary rules-based security to a more user-friendly and flexible risk-based approach.

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Biometrics and PSD2’s stronger customer authentication

Simplicity, safety and security

When you need a solution that is strong yet user-friendly, biometrics offer an invaluable way to add security in the most convenient way to your customers, users, employees or other stakeholders.

Businesses are increasingly using biometrics to enhance or extend existing 2FA strategies. Let’s chat about your organisational objectives.

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