Protect against new account opening fraud

Spot the fraudulent new accounts that sail through traditional new user fraud checks and identity screening, with behavioural monitoring.

Detect and disable fraud before it takes root

New account opening fraud, using stolen or synthetic identities, is costing businesses billions of dollars in fraud losses and futile investigations. Traditional checks come up clean, as identities are genuine or harvested meticulously with careful planning.

Once in, the rewards may vary but the intent is the same; to damage and defraud. From loyalty fraud to infrastructure abuse to credit card defaults, account opening fraud brings fast benefits to bad users. We help you catch more fraud than ever before.

Catch more fraud than ever before.

AimAnomaly monitors behaviour, continuously and invisibly, to detect more new account fraud than your current setup. And that’s a fact.

Fact 1: For one client’s pilot, AimAnomaly was placed 13th in a 12-step fraud check, analysing tens of thousands of new accounts per day.

Fact 2: After a 12 week training period, it was capturing 60% of the fraud that had eluded the previous 12 checks.

Fact 3: At the end of 12 week period, had the client have turned off the previous 12 steps, it would have captured 75% of all of the fraudulent new accounts being generated.

Whether we’re your only fraud detection solution or one of many, we help you stop more fraud. By consuming the data across the entire application session, we build increasingly detailed reference points for genuine, fraudulent and non-human behaviour.

No magic. Just science.

AimBrain uses ensemble learning; multiple algorithms to catch both manual and automated fraud.

Supervised learning uses annotated data to assess and apply a risk score to new account openings.

Deep learning utilises every available data point across a session, for market-leading accuracy

No changes required to the UI for human-engineered tests, such as a disappearing cursor.

Unsupervised learning provides Day One detection of bot-generated new account fraud.

Session scores help accurately grade the risk and appropriate the response.

Solution in place that’s still letting some fraud through? Put us to the test on your POC today.

Better protection against new account opening fraud starts here.


Green-light genuine applicants more accurately. Within 12 weeks, we reduced one financial services client’s false rejections by 25%.


We helped one client declassify 25% of high risk and 30% of medium risk applications, reducing overheads & processing time. 


Spot bot cohorts quickly and stop debilitating mass attacks on infrastructure and denial of service losses.

Monitor. Detect. Flag. Resolve.

AimBrain’s easily-consumed risk scores feed directly into your business logic, whether that comprises a simple risk logic with an ‘if’ function right or a comprehensive fraud orchestration or IAM platform. 

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