A deployment model built for speed and efficiency.

Integrate biometrics in days, not months, with our proven pilot-to-production model and trial integration dashboard

We help you add stronger authentication, fast.

There is no chivalry in fraud, nor in the race for customers. Neither will wait for you until you’re prepared, so you need a user authentication solution that gets to work quickly.

Our pilot-to-production biometric deployment framework moves you seamlessly from integration to production, and gives you the tools and insight to quantity fraud reduction and assess the impact of changes to decision boundaries.

We’ve even opened up access to the AimBrain On Demand dashboard so that you can test your integration, and given you 1,000 API calls a month.

Designed for speed and flexibility​

AimBrain’s approach to deployments and technology reflects how today’s businesses operate.

Designed for rapid integration and scalability, authentication happens server-side so there are no more costly integrations or arduous upgrades. Just you, your business and our modules.

Our pilot-to-production biometric deployment approach lets you connect your applications quickly and start testing, and our easy-to-use risk modelling tools help you to assess your thresholds and risk appetite, to align with and connect to your internal risk engine.

No pain, just gain.

Stronger user authentication is easy-peasy with our pilot-to-production model and free testing. 

We maKe biometric authentication simple

Test the integration for yourself

Hear our customer news & updates first

Let’s get to work.

Our fast biometric deployment framework supports you throughout your implementation journey and provides you with the tools and insight to calibrate risk thresholds and quantify fraud reduction.

Get the tools

We provide you with the SDK for your biometric module, for web or mobile channels, and the requisite API key and secret. Create your SDK plugin here if required.

Get the tools
Integrate AimBrain

Integrate the SDK into your test or QA application; we’ll conduct a deployment review to test the integrity of the integration.

Integrate AimBrain
Connect your business

Integrate our open API into your infrastructure, and feed the risk-based scores you receive into your business logic or risk engine.

Connect your business
Test and adjust

Test the risk scores and, using our interactive tools, interpret scores and adjust them according to your own tolerances and use cases. Configure your unique step-up, step-down risk architectures.

Test and adjust
Pilot go-live

Move to pilot mode, continue to adjust and refine your risk thresholds and step-up/step-down configurations.

Pilot go-live
Go to production

Switch from pilot to production seamlessly.

Go to production
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