AimBrain pricing. No frills, no faff.

Just everything you need to get started with integrating biometric authentication today.

AimBrain Pricing, for the teeny tiny to the TechFin.

1,000 free API calls/month

  • Facial, voice & lipsync authentication
  • Web and mobile SDKs
  • Access to the API
  • Simple per authentication pricing above 1,000 API calls/month, based on usage

Developers go free

£0 for up to 1,000 API calls/month then per auth cost based on usage

No credit card details required

A tiered model to support your requirements


£ Free Up to 1,000 calls/month then paid plan rates
  • Up 1,000 API calls/month
  • Face, voice & lipsync modules
  • Self-service


£ 0.30-0.15 Per authentication
  • 1,000 -10,000+ API calls/month
  • Face, voice & lipsync modules
  • SLA & priority support


£ 0.09 Per authentication
  • 80,000+ API calls/month
  • All modules & functionality
  • SLA & priority support
  • Customisable
  • Enterprise integration


£ Call us Volume-based discounts
  • Unlimited API calls and users
  • All modules & functionality
  • SLA & priority support
  • Customisable
  • Enterprise integration
  • Private cloud deployment
Modules Developer SME Enterprise Partner
AimAnomaly Detection
Support & customisation Developer SME Enterprise Partner
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Priority Support
Trial new modules & functionality first
Enterprise integration
Private cloud deployment


On the Developer and SME plans, a call is made per voice, face or lipsync authentication request. On the Enterprise and Partner plans, an API call relates to these modules plus behavioural and anomaly detection requests.

On the Developer and SME plans you can use AimFace (facial authentication), AimVoice (voice authentication) and AimFace//Lipsync (combined facial, audio and lip movement). Each authentication request constitutes one API call, regardless of the module or channel. AimBehaviour and AimAnomaly Detection are not available on these plans.

Free usage is automatically capped at 1,000 API calls; we will notify you when you reach your limit. To continue, you will need to sign our SaaS agreement, and will be billed monthly based on usage.

Under 1,000 calls per month? You go free.

For the Developer plan, 1,000 API calls/month or less are free forever.

When you reach your limit and if you wish to extend beyond 1,000 calls a month, we will email you our standard terms and conditions and SaaS agreement to sign. Prices will be calculated based on usage and you will be invoiced at the end of the month.

For Developer plan, it’s simply Pay As You Go and you can stop using the service without notice. SME, Enterprise and Partner contracts are individually negotiated.

Please email us to receive a copy of the agreement and standard Terms and Conditions.

Bespoke volume-based discounts can be negotiated with us if you are anticipating over 80,000 API calls/month or need a customised solution. Get in touch to talk through your requirements and growth plan.

You can cancel your Developer plan at any time; any outstanding payment due will be invoiced as normal.

For the SME plan and above, cancellations will be as per the agreed terms and conditions. 

AimBehaviour and AimAnomaly Detection are only available on the Enterprise and Partner plans. You can trial the AimBehaviour integration via the dashboard, but zero return scores will be received if you try to use on them on the Developer and SME plans.

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