Low TCO + rapid ROI = your BFF.
Cut costs with AimBrain.

AimBrain's Biometric Identity as-a-Service model is every department’s bestie

Cost savings with AimBrain are mandatory, sorry.

Say goodbye to costly point solutions, arduous deployments and being held hostage by skills shortages.

We make your life easier, with smarter, scalable authentication. Our Biometric Identity as-a-Service platform connects you to secure authentication via easy-to-deploy SDKs, and our pricing gets better and better as you grow. You even have your own dashboard to try – for free – 1,000 times a month.

So if you want to see reduced fraud, a rapid ROI with low overheads, and a commitment to costs that go down, read on.

Free your business from future pain.

It’s time to stop patch fixing fraud with specific point solutions specifically built for device authentication, which neither authenticates the individual nor recognises that today’s real consumers have multiple devices.

Our single platform hosts multiple, proprietary authentication modules, so that you can add new modules to support your authentication strategy and reduce authentication costs. For good.

AimBrain is helping an APAC digital bank offer remote onboarding and an enhanced login/step-up authentication experience with AimFace.

Yes, you did read that correctly.

With a cloud-based Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) model and low per-user-per-year pricing model, your break-even point is so close you can almost feel it.

Add modalities and scale as and when your business needs it, quickly and cost-effectively. 

Costs that go down with fraud? You got it.

AimBrain is working with a global credit card provider to reduce fraudulent account opening at the onboarding stage, by using AimAnomaly Detection to flag suspicious enrolments

Why businesses choose AimBrain for cost reduction

Cut out 2FA costs

Two factor authentication is both expensive and vulnerable; reduce SMS overheads to the cost of a single API call...and get 1,000 free API calls a month on our dashboard.

Cost effective scalability

As your business grows, take advantage of our microservices cloud architecture that adds scale and capacity with no expensive hardware or software overheads.

Cross-channel savings

Reduce the costs of individual, channel-specific authentication initiatives by enabling your customers to authenticate using biometrics, across any channel and with a single enrolment.

Cut fraud, cut costs

Fraud resolution damages your bottom line, so use biometric authentication from the onboarding stage to detect and prevent fraud before it has a chance to take root.

Continual developments

Benefit from additional fraud-fighting capabilities the moment they are released with our cloud model, without the headcount or IT overheads associated with on-prem upgrades.

Flexible pricing

Per-user-per-year, per-authentication request; whatever your preference, we’ll create the perfect pricing model to suit, helping you see a faster return on your investment.

Let’s talk about reducing your authentication costs

We love saving you money

Try the dashboard for free

Hear our sucess stories first

Biometrics brings new customers, faster

The race for customer acquisition is relentless. 

Help your internal teams realise their objectives and reduce authentication costs, effortlessly.

…by running AimAnomaly Detection to flag suspicious account openings or user activity from the very first interaction, and dramatically reduce the long-term costs of fraud.

…by creating risk-based authentication sequences that apply the right amount of friction when it’s needed, and lowering it when it’s not, to keep your customers invisibly protected.

…to track campaign ROI instantly on customer acquisition and new product development initiatives, using biometrics to e-onboard new customers quickly and easily.

…by offering authentication solutions that mirror the way they live; across multiple devices and multiple channels.

We’re setting you free

At AimBrain, we understand the changing nature of technology’s role in business. Today’s teams are API-savvy, and don’t necessarily need hand-holding through technical integrations.

That’s why we’re API-based and use open-source SDKs. We put the control in the hands of our customer. Long gone are the days that organisations are held to ransom by specialist integration teams, tyre-kicking consultants and onerous upgrades.

Reduce your authentication costs and your fraud, with our ready-to-deploy modules. You’re welcome.

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