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Whitepaper: GDPR & Beyond: Collaboration, Consent, Capture and Care in the World of Biometric Data

Together with strategic law firm Jag Shaw Baker, we look beyond GDPR's launch date of May 2018, to the future of biometrics processing in a privacy-sensitive world. (Dec 2017, 1MB)

Whitepaper: Biometrics and 2 Factor Authentication

Bank customers are looking for a friction-free experience across all channels. This whitepaper examines the use of OTPs and what alternatives are available for banks looking to maintain high security, comply with regulation and also increase the ease of use. (March 2017, 100KB)

Whitepaper: Cloud Authentication & Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS)

What is Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) and how does it support omnichannel authentication? How does BIDaaS impact the customer journey, and reduce fraud? (Sept 2017, 900 KB)

Whitepaper: Biometrics and banking

The use of biometric authentication to combat fraud and improve the authentication experience for users is widely understood by banks and payment system providers. But, in light of the recent directives around the PSD2 regulation, is there more value in biometrics for banks than meets the eye? (July 2016, 147KB)

Fact Sheets & Assets

Infographic - Biometric authentication in the new banking landscape

Illustratration of how challenger banks can use biometrics to grow market share. (2018, 1MB)

Fact Sheet - AimBrain: Corporate Overview

AimBrain at a glance; our modules, technology, partners and propositions. (2018, 2MB)

Fact Sheet - Biometrics and PSD2: A match made in heaven

Organisations are using PSD2 to completely rethink their approach to authentication (2018, 1MB)

Fact Sheet - AimBrain & InAuth - Six Factors of Authentication

With InAuth, we deliver six factors of authentication via a "device plus biometrics" approach. (2018, 800kb)

Fact Sheet - AimVoice

AimVoice is our voice authentication module, usable across any channel with a microphone. (2018, 1MB)

Fact Sheet - AimFace

AimFace is our facial authentication module, usable across any channel with a camera. (2018, 1MB)

Fact Sheet - AimBehaviour

AimBehaviour provides continuous, passive authentication across any channel and device. (2018, 1MB)

Fact Sheet - AimFace//LipSync

AimFace//LipSync uniquely combines facial authentication with audio & lip synchronisation analysis. (2018, 1MB)

Fact Sheet - AimAnomaly Detection

The AimAnomaly Detection uses deep learning to spot atypical behaviours and fraud patterns. (2018, 1MB)

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