Server-side authentication: Forecasting plenty of cloud.

By 2020, 586 million customers in the banking sector alone will be authenticated server-side.

Faster deployment. Faster additional modules. Faster break-even.

Traditional on premise spend is in decline, as today’s organisations move their operations to public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures. A recent report suggested that 83% of an enterprise’s workload will move to the cloud by 2020 as digitisation, machine learning and AI shape a new landscape.

Our server-side model puts authentication in the cloud, so you benefit not only from AWS’s 24/7/365 monitoring, multi-layer security and instant scalability, but the everyday convenience of our managing your hardware and software, upgrades, updates, maintenance and patching, plus guaranteed SLAs and built-in disaster recovery.

And of course, we’ve taken every step to design the most secure infrastructure.

Uncompromising security

With cloud-based applications and a more mobile employee base, guarding and monitoring potential security vulnerabilities and attack vectors is a never-ending process.

AimBrain removes the concern of biometric identity breaches through its use of decoupling of personal data, high security encryption and proprietary IP.

By integrating directly via enterprise-grade SDKs into your secure environment, and exporting only pseudonymised data to our server for authentication, you can confidently adhere to internal and regulatory-driven security and privacy standards.

Rapid rollout, instant updates and infinite scalability

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Designing a Privacy Architecture

Clouds come with benefits

Introduce biometric authentication quickly and seamlessly, and add new features and modules incrementally. Opt for a secure server-side authentication module that authenticates the individual, not the device, protecting your business against fraud.

Rapid return on investment

Reduce hardware, implementation and engineering costs with our SaaS delivery approach and low per-user-per-year pricing model. Cost savings are mandatory, sorry.

As scalable as your business

Our fraud protection solutions are delivered via virtualised environments and microservices, across AWS’s extensive network. We can scale with you, in support of your business goals, today and tomorrow.

Immediate technical updates

Our server-side authentication model means that you benefit from algorithm updates and technical enhancements quickly, anywhere around the world.

Biometric Identity as-a-service

Deploy one or many biometric authentication modules. Step-up and step down security, according to your risk appetite. No more rules, just adaptive security as individual as your needs.

Mind your own data

Our server-side authentication model supports compliance, by decoupling the authentication from PII, so neither you nor your customers need to share any raw biometric data with us.


Supports omni-digital customers

A server-side authentication model means your customers can enrol once for authentication across any channel or device. We authenticate the person, not the device.

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