Introducing AimBrain's Pilot2Production Approach.

How much security is the right amount of security? AimBrain understands that the biometric authentication journey can be unchartered waters for many institutions. Unfortunately, the experience implementing and adopting biometric solutions has been extremely difficult.  Vendors often have ‘black box’ technology and lack transparency making it difficult for banks to understand how new biometric capabilities can keep them secure, competitive and profitable. Until now.

AimBrain offers a comprehensive ‘Pilot2Production’ program that eliminates all of these roadblocks. Here’s how it works:

Phase 1: Take a demo

Biometrics in banking is an innovative concept, one that is yet untapped by many institutions.  To help you learn if AimBrain is right for your bank, we have created an AimBrain ‘mock banking app’ that can be downloaded onto any iOS device. Once you have it on your phone you can immediately register and test the Facial, Voice and Behavioural Authentication Modules.

Phase 2: Prove it works

AimBrain understands that important decisions relating to security and customer experience require real, in-production data. For this reason, we allow potential clients to pilot the software in “listen-only mode” with a Proof-of Concept (POC).  Potential clients can easily integrate our open source SDK’s (software development kit) into a live application environment either via SaaS or on-premise with zero impact to end-users.

On completion of the POC, you will be able to quantify the fraud reduction that will be achieved.  To do this, AimBrain provides a report detailing Key Performance Indicators, cohort statistics, and production recommendations.

Phase 3: Deploy

AimBrain makes it easy to get started.  Once you complete your POC, everything is ready to be pushed into production. Our team will help you configure the authentication process according to your institution’s needs, such as score models, step up authentication and dashboards.  We will also implement any calibrations and adjustments that were recommended on the basis of the POC results.

Phase 4: Live Production

Once in production, AimBrain’s machine learning algorithms keep learning on a daily basis so you can continuously get smarter in your authentication experiences.   Additionally, as a live client of AimBrain you will receive the latest innovations during each quarterly release.  You will also be supported by our client experience team.

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