Security they'll thank you for.
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When you need a user experience based on authentication without irritation, we'll get you maximum brownie points.

Adaptive security built around your user experience

When the fight to acquire and retain customers is intense, you need a superior user experience that eliminates unnecessary onboarding and authentication friction, whilst keeping bad actors at bay.

AimBrain brings both invisible and visible fraud prevention tools to a single platform, to protect legitimate users quietly and discreetly, stepping up only if your risk threshold is reached.

Our technology works behind the scenes at the enrolment stage to detect for fraudulent patterns, and throughout sessions to detect changes in behaviour that could signify account takeover or stolen credentials, keeping genuine customers safe in a discreet way.

And for those times you need additional assurance that your customers are who they say they are, step-up to one of our market-leading active authentication steps: facial, voice or combined video/audio, for user-friendly identity verification.

Protect customers against themselves.

When breaches happen, customers vote with their feet. However, with a disdain for additional security steps and poor password practices, how do you protect your customers and your business against the threat of themselves?

Providing a smooth, secure user experience – from the onboarding stage and beyond, across all channels – is now non-negotiable for survival.

Combine biometrically-enabled invisible protection with user-friendly active authentication, for a stronger, smoother customer experience that retires the vulnerabilities of knowledge-based security for good.

Over 250 applications have integrated our active biometric authentication technology with our free tools – face, voice and video/audio lipsync – to date.

Give the customers what they want, and protect against fraud in a user-friendly way. Trial us now.

Our cloud-based model supports unique configurations of customer-friendly authentication modules. Add security where you need it, step it down when you don’t, for a sleek user experience.

From the point of acquisition through the entire lifecycle of the user journey and all their touchpoints, invisible and visible measures keep your legitimate customers authenticated, whilst protecting against threats to keep your business, data and bottom line safe.

Rapid onboarding, omni-channel authentication simplicity and behind-the-scenes protection. Higher NPS scores, cross-channel brand equity and greater customer security – what’s not to love?

Biometric Identity as-a-Service is your BFF

A global Wealth Management bank is offering its customers access to view their investment portfolio with a simple selfie, using AimFace.

Ready to transform your customers’ authentication processes? Get in touch.

We will help you delight your customers.

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Here's how we support your CX objectives

Rapid onboarding

Speed up the onboarding and reduce abandonment rates, without sacrificing security. Combine invisible fraud protection at the application stage and offer biometric-based logins for stronger protection against stolen and synthetic identities.

Seamless account access

Make it easier for your customers to use your app, across any device with a camera or phone, with a single login. No more reissued passwords or PINs, no more vulnerable 2FA based on SMS - give them faster, simpler account access with a selfie, lip sync challenge or voice prompt.

In-session protection

Keep your customers protected in-session with AimBehaviour, which continually and invisibly authenticates their behaviour, and AimAnomaly Detection which looks for potential signs of fraud. Like a protective big brother, they will never even know you're watching out for them.

right amount of friction

With continuous, invisible monitoring, you only need add an ‘active’ security measure such as faceor voice authentication when a behaviour is out of kilter. Step-up security if you need it, not because your old rules engine says so, to apply the right amount of friction for the situation.

Omnidigital experience

Today’s users aren’t tied to one single device. Respect their preferences with a cloud model that authenticates them, not their phone, across multiple devices and channels, with a single enrolment. Desktop, laptop, tablet, mouse, smartphone, keyboard...we do it all.

Built for tomorrow

Passwords were fine in the 60s. Today, they're vulnerable, hackable, phishable and generally deemed unfit for purpose. Deliver a better, safer and more acceptable authentication experience with our biometric modules.

Customisable security for your user journey

Build a secure foundation into your user experience by applying a completely configurable step-up / step-down approach to protection.
Apply the right amount of friction, to keep users safe without disruption or inconvenience. Customise your approach with our tools:

Fit for purpose, whatever your purpose

Across any device and any channel, our Biometric Identity as-a-Service suite of modules supports your customer-first approach. Build security into your products and user experiences with AimBrain.

As uniquely configurable as your business, keep the customer experience frustration-free from onboarding and throughout the entire lifecycle.

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