We make it simple for you to get smart to fraud.

On any device across any channel.

AimBrain delivers the industry’s first and only multi-module biometrics platform that allows institutions to authenticate their customer’s identity on any device across any channel.  Leveraging a patented, context-sensitive machine learning approach, AimBrain helps by:

  • Providing an as-needed step-up/step-down capability.
  • Increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of your fraud prevention protocols.
  • Enabling a frictionless user experience.

Packaged into a single enterprise platform,  AimBrain has developed the world’s most powerful, most effective, most user-friendly authentication solution. 

And did we mention?  It’s simple to deploy.

Single Platform. Multiple Modules.

Guilty until proven innocent?  Not with AimBrain.  Unlike most authentication experiences, only AimBrain provides multiple biometrics on a single, enterprise platform.  This multi-module approach allows banks to implement an activity-appropriate authentication experience.

By using the right biometric for the right activity, banks and other institutions can ensure that they are not unnecessarily inconveniencing their customers.  Starting with the Behavioural Module as their underlying passive authentication methodology, security can be stepped up seamlessly using the Facial and Voice Modules when and if an issue is identified.


  • Behavioural

  • Facial

  • Voice

  • Behavioural

    From login to log-off, the Behavioural Module tracks the user’s activity in the context in which they are interacting with the device and application.  Tracking the entire session significantly improves overall accuracy and invisibly offers continuous security.

    Designed for ease-of-implementation, the AimBrain Behavioural Module doesn’t require custom element integration so the institutions’ online application User Interface and User Experience remain 100% unchanged.


  • Facial

    Used alone or in conjunction with the other modules to step-up authentication,  AimBrain’s Facial Module provides another highly effective security layer to the authentication experience.  As a stand-alone alternative to passwords logins – users will no longer need to remember their password.

  • Voice

    The AimBrain Voice Module complements our approach to step-up authentication. When fraudulent behaviour is detected, adding a voice authentication layer to the process ensures that your customer’s account remains safe. The second authentication layer is also leveraged to enhance security protocols around pre-determined transaction types and limits.

    Additionally, AimBrain’s Voice Module is an accurate and user-friendly option to implement a password-less log on experience.

  • Whitepaper: Biometrics and PSD2

    In light of the recent directives around the PSD2 regulation, is there more value in biometrics for banks than meets the eye?

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