• GDPR & Beyond: Collaboration, Consent, Capture and Care in the World of Biometric Data

    Together with strategic law firm Jag Shaw Baker, we look beyond GDPR's launch date of May 2018, to the future of biometrics processing in a privacy-sensitive world.

  • Whitepaper: Cloud Authentication & Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS)

    This whitepaper discusses the key benefits of undertaking voice, facial and behavioural biometric authentication in the Cloud, and consuming these services via a BIDaaS (Biometric Identity as-a-Service) model.

  • Whitepaper: Biometrics and 2 Factor Authentication

    Bank customers are looking for a friction-free experience across all channels. This whitepaper examines the use of OTPs and what alternatives are available for banks looking to maintain high security, comply with regulation and also increase the ease of use.

  • AimBrain: Biometric Authentication for Banks Brochure (with Accenture)

    It is vital for financial institutions to identify fraudulent activity and verify whether the customer is who they say they are. Currently, the hassle of one-time access codes and multiple passwords all contribute to a customer experience that makes online and mobile banking less than optimal. AimBrain is solving that.

  • Whitepaper: Biometrics and PSD2

    The use of biometric authentication to combat fraud and improve the authentication experience for users is widely understood by banks and payment system providers. But, in light of the recent directives around the PSD2 regulation, is there more value in biometrics for banks than meets the eye?

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    Serving deep learning models with Nginx & Torch

    We love Torch for it's simplicity, speed and flexibility in defining deep learning models. Today we'll be showing you how to create a simple nginx server that serves torch7 models. The whole implementation is less than 100 lines of code.


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  • Image for MFA against mobile banking fraud

    Webinar - Six Factor Authentication in the fight against mobile banking fraud

    Hear how to wage the war on evolving mobile banking fraud by taking a 'device plus biometrics' approach to authentication. Webinar features expert opinion from Acuity, InAuth, Finextra and AimBrain.

  • Facial Authentication & Enrolment

    Five minute biometrics: Enrolment for facial authentication

    Biometric authentication in action: Facial authentication (enrolment and access)

  • Demo: Monitoring behaviour to authenticate an identity

    AimBrain's AimBehaviour module in action; see how it authenticates or denies based on user behaviour.

  • AimBrain Swaps Passwords for Selfies

    Al Jazeera-produced video of AimBrain's behavioural and facial authentication modules

  • Applied AI meet up talking machine learning

    AutoML: AimBrain's Lead Scientist talks about the evolution of machine learning

    Applied AI Meetup from Ravelin

  • AimBrain: UBS Future of Finance Global Finals Pitch

  • AimBrain - EF2015 Demo Day

  • Tech Talk: Julian Skan, Accenture and Alesis Novik, Aimbrain

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