High security or happy users? How do you choose?

With AimBrain, you don't have to choose.

AimBrain makes it easy to securely and accurately authenticate users without disrupting their experience.

Using a patent-pending, context-based step-up authentication methodology, AimBrain is helping some of the world’s largest financial institutions stay ahead of fraud through a secure and frictionless authentication experience.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced fraud attempts
  • Improved user experience for customers
  • Increased self-service adaption amongst customers
  • Improved time-to-market with new self-service offerings

With AimBrain, choosing between high security and a convenient user experience no longer exists.  With AimBrain, you can deliver both.

We enable financial institutions to reduce fraud, improve user experience, and stay competitive.

  • Head of Fraud

  • Bank Revenue Producers


  • Head of Fraud

    AimBrain provides the all-in-one biometrics solution for the booming mobile banking market. By deploying AimBrain’s passive behavioural biometrics capabilities, banks can:

    • Reduce fraud,
    • Remove friction from the user experience
    • Comply with Stronger Authentication requirements under PSD2

    How?  AimBrain’s Behavioural Module let’s banks know when potentially fraudulent usage is happening with real-time alerts.  When that happens, you can ensure stronger security by leveraging our ‘step-up’ authentication process that incorporates facial and voice biometrics into the authentication process.  No more reporting on what HAS happened, AimBrain is smart enough to stop it before it happens.

    Leveraging intelligence from AimBrain’s individual risk and session scores, risk leaders can continually strengthen and enhance risk engines and protocols.

  • Bank Revenue Producers

    Customers love the convenience of being able to access their accounts and perform transactions on any of their many devices.  However, complex password and token authentication processes can affect adoption of these services. Why? Because users either feel inconvenienced by having to remember multiple passwords and tokens or they do not trust that their transactions are secure.  In the end, customers are left feeling like it’s just not worth using.  This results in user drop-off, unused services and increased branch costs – directly impacting both your top and bottom line.

    With AimBrain you can ‘step-up’ authentication automatically and provide the appropriate level of security for each action without diminishing the user experience.

    AimBrain’s unique multi-module platform also facilitates the entry into new markets and reduce branch operation costs by increasing self-service or virtual banking services usage.


    Mobile fraud is on the rise. Regulations governing mobile banking are on the increase. It’s a challenging time for executives charged with managing mobile banking operations. Time-to-market and transparency is key.  That’s why AimBrain’s unique multi-module platform is the solution for mobile banking security. AimBrain’s proprietary Step-Up Authentication provides the proper level of security for each transaction – automatically.

    Even better?  Implementing AimBrain is simple.  AimBrain provides Open-Source software development kits (SDKs) for full transparency. As a server-side solution, banks retain full control over the data and do not need to rely on third-party security or even trust the end-consumer device.

    With the most innovative and cutting-edge machine learning scientists on our side, AimBrain is relentlessly innovating the platform with new features and capabilities, helping to assure maximised fraud protection capabilities and regulatory compliance now and in the future.

  • Whitepaper: Biometrics and PSD2

    In light of the recent directives around the PSD2 regulation, is there more value in biometrics for banks than meets the eye?

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