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High security or happy users? How do you choose?

With AimBrain, you don't need to.

Using a flexible authentication model, AimBrain is helping some of the biggest names stay ahead of fraud. Our automated approach to biometric authentication applies the right amount of friction relative to the scenario.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced fraud losses (flag suspicious activity before fraud occurs)
  • Huge cost savings by eliminating 2FA/MFA expenses
  • Single enrolment, multi-channel/device authentication for the needs of today’s consumer
  • Omnichannel authentication consistency for a stronger brand equity
  • Automated step-up security when required, step-down when comfortable
  • Rapid and secure onboarding of new customers
  • Improved time-to-market with new self-service offerings

With AimBrain, you don’t need to choose between security and convenience. You get both.

Plus cost savings, brand augmentation, acquisition advantage, faster product roll out…

…and a cloud model that is fit for all of the tomorrows of authentication.

We enable organisations to reduce fraud, improve user experience, and stay competitive.

  • Head of Fraud

  • Head of Customer Experience

  • Head of Technology

  • Head of Fraud

    AimBrain provides the all-in-one biometrics solution for today’s multi-channel enterprise. A typical journey starts with behavioural (passive or invisible) biometric monitoring and anomaly detection, invoking a step-up to a facial authentication and/or voice authentication request if the behavioural risk profile falls below acceptable thresholds.

    • Continually monitor in-session activity for signs of fraud
    • From ad fraud to claims fraud; flag anomalous behaviour
    • Step-up (or step-down) security according to the risk-based assessment
    • Comply with regulations such as GDPR and PSD2 (SCA)

    How? AimBrain’s Behavioural module, AimBehaviour, tracks and compares hundreds of in-session points against a centralised user profile, and AimAnomaly Detection searches for irregular patterns that could flag fraud.

    No more measuring losses from what has happened; stop it before it happens.

  • Head of Customer Experience

    Customers love the convenience of being able to access their accounts and perform transactions across their many devices.  However, complex password and token authentication processes can affect adoption of these services, and often there is a different sign-in process for every channel. Having to remember a convoluted mix of passwords, codes, PINs and more leaves customers are left feeling inconvenienced. Cue user drop-off, unused services and increased call centre or physical store/branch contact – directly impacting both your top and bottom line.

    At AimBrain, we use biometrics – behaviour, face and voice – in place of passwords, and our server-side authentication model (BIDaaS) compares new requests against a single identity across multiple channels and devices. Cue happy customers that can sign-in across any channel, in a consistent way, using their physiological make-up as oppose to a tatty book of pets’ names or bygone holidays.

    We can even support your acquisition efforts; securely and quickly enrol new customers using document scanning and facial authentication, combined with bot detection even at the manual onboarding stage.

  • Head of Technology

    Much of today’s authentication focuses exclusively on the device. Secure enclaves, permanent IDs, encrypted messages. Whilst this has reduced the impact of a full breach, it hasn’t been the panacea that it promised to be. Adding extra security layers and protocols has required more headcount, not less, and now even leaders in the field are quietly admitting that a server-side authentication model is more suited to the long term. We don’t feel that proving the connection between the device and the user is enough for secure authentication. That’s why we use biometrics to authenticate the person, not the device.

    With AimBrain, simply connect via APIs to our Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) platform engine. Deploy AimBehaviour, AimFace or AimVoice (or a combination thereof), and receive a risk-based assessment from us, in real time, of the authenticity of the individual.

    A single platform, for multiple biometrics, across multiple channels is a platform truly fit for the future. It’s simple to deploy, scalable and means you benefit from new product features and algorithm updates immediately. No costly infrastructure. No additional engineers. Just smart, simple, secure biometric authentication.

  • Whitepaper: Biometrics and PSD2

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